The reasons for hiring a self storage unit are many and varied but one thing is for sure, no one wants to spend more money than is necessary on storage. So whether you are looking for a short term storage solution while you are busy moving to a new address, or a longer term solution while you travel overseas on an extended trip, there are ways to save money while renting a self storage unit.

  • Declutter your personal items before you place them in storage. Sort them out into three piles, Keep, Discard, Donate. You will have to be ruthless in what you decide to discard and donate, so that you don’t end up paying for stuff to be stored that you don’t really need. You could even organise a garage sale or sell your unwanted stuff online through one of the Marketplace platforms. You will be surprised at what people will buy so just because you feel it is a piece of junk, there may be someone who can use it and will pay money for it. You may even be able to offset some of your storage expenses this way.
    By decluttering this way you will only store those items that you wish to keep, and the less you store, the less your self storage will cost you as you will need to hire a smaller unit.
  • You can save so much space by packing as efficiently as possible. This does not only apply to making the most of the space offered by every box that you pack, but also by ensuring that you pack your storage unit as economically as possible. And space is money because the smaller the storage unit you hire, the less you pay.
  • If you are storing furniture, disassemble it as far as possible. Pack items in drawers of cabinets, and use blankets, pillows, and cushions as protective covers over your furniture, and also to wrap mirrors and pictures in. Place tables on their tops to make plenty of space to pack around the legs.
  • Look for clean units in a well-maintained facility. Any moisture in the unit will cause mould and mildew to form on your belongings which will damage your goods. Good maintenance should also prevent any problems with pests and insects which can cause damage to your goods. You can avoid this type of damage by packing your goods correctly. Make sure anything you intend storing is clean and dry before packing. It is false economy if you hire a cheap unit, but your possessions are damaged by moisture or pests while they are in storage.
  • If you are using your storage unit for long term storage and you do not need to access any items during the time they are in storage, you can get away with hiring a smaller unit. You can pack the unit fully without leaving any corridors or spaces for access to any of the boxes.
  • If possible try and find a close friend or family member with a bit of space to store your large furniture items. They may be able to help you especially if they can use some of these while they store them. But this isn’t always a good idea as most people battle with the lack of space themselves and won’t be too happy to have extra items to find a place for. There is no point in straining good relationships with friends or family over a couple of pieces of furniture, so if they do not offer, don’t push it.
  • It is worth finding a storage facility that offers discounts on some of their units. At Stop & Store Lowestoft we run specials for our customers where we offer 50% discounts on some of our units, so keep a lookout for these.
  • When hiring a storage unit make sure that there are no hidden costs that may be added to the price of the rental. So expenses such as security and services should not be extra and should be included in the price of your rental. If they are not they will add considerably to the cost of your storage fees. Make sure that there is no deposit payable either.

Why Use Stop & Store Lowestoft for Cost Effective Self Storage

First of all, we understand that your possessions are valuable to you both financially and in terms of the sentimental value you place on them. This is why we protect your belongings with our top notch security system. Every unit is fitted with a lock and our facility is protected by a monitored CCTV camera, intruder alarms, and 24/7 manned security. You as a customer can have peace of mind that your belongings will be safe from theft.

Our secure self-storage facility is found in the heart of Lowestoft and is easily accessible for loading and off-loading your goods.

Our units come in a range of sizes, so you have a wide choice to find one that suits your pocket.

Our simple and convenient booking process can be undertaken from the convenience of your phone or laptop. Book your unit online, and once we have received your payment, we will send you your individual PIN code to access your unit. There is no deposit payable, and you can access your unit on the same day.

We offer householders and business owners the convenience of hiring a storage unit to store their goods safely, whether it is needed for a month or for a much longer time.

Our storage unit prices are affordable and there are no hidden extras. You do not pay a deposit when you hire a unit and there are no extra charges for services or security.

Our opening hours allow you to access your goods from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us on: 01502 580005 Stop and Store, Great Eastern Warehouse, Denmark Road, Lowestoft NR32 2EH.