Ask anyone who has experience in home renovations, and they will tell you that it is really exciting to remodel or renovate you home to make those improvements to the general layout, or to upgrade out of date bathrooms and kitchens to reflect your personal style, but that it is also hard work, can be costly, and can take longer than expected.

While you are at the planning stage, you will be busy with designs, deciding on colour schemes, and appointing contractors to carry out the work. If you are planning on a major renovation or even something not as drastic by taking it room by room, you will need to consider where to keep your belongings for the duration of the build. The experts will tell you that this is an important aspect that you need to consider.  Renting a self storage unit in a facility such as Stop & Store Lowestoft will solve the problem of what to do with your furniture and personal belongings while your home is undergoing renovations.

The Main Reasons to Use a Self Storage Facility

  1. Clear the Space – Builders and other contractors need space to do their work effectively and to store their equipment, supplies and materials for the duration of the build. Working around furniture even if it is covered in drop sheets, makes it very difficult for them. Besides, leaving your furniture in situ puts it at risk of being damaged, dented, and scratched even if your contractors take care. It will make it easier for them to have clear spaces to move and place their building equipment in. This will also remove any clutter that could create potential tripping hazards for the builders and their employees.
  2. Renovation may take longer than necessary. Leaving out your furniture and belongings could lead to the job taking longer than necessary. The tradies have to spend their time dodging hazards and moving around furniture rather than focusing on the jobs that you are paying them for. As with most things, time is money, so it makes sense to eliminate the need for them to move furniture items out of the way during the renovations and rather use their time doing those things that you are paying them to do. Renting a self storage unit to clear out the furniture from your home could even pay for itself when you consider how much time you may potentially save.
  3. Protect your belongings from theft. If you are carrying out extensive renovations you may find that parts of your house are left open and exposed to passersby. If you are replacing your roof, or removing walls, your home will be vulnerable to being burgled, as it cannot be secured. But the threat doesn’t only come from people walking past. You will be amazed how many contractors are involved in a renovation. They all have unfettered access to your home, and some of them you may not even meet, let alone keep track of. Very few people will feel comfortable leaving their valuables so vulnerable to being stolen. Renting a self storage unit will ensure that your belongings are safely out of your home for the duration of the renovation.
  4. If you are carrying out work on the roof and outside walls will also place your belongings in danger of being damaged by the elements if they are not stored out of the way. It is not worth risking your stuff from either being damaged by the weather or being stolen, so why not rent a storage unit and ensure that they are safe and secure.
  5. With your belongings secured offsite, you will have the opportunity to see your new space empty and envision where you want to place your furniture and belongings. Seeing your space as a blank canvas can help you decide if you need to get rid of stuff you may no longer have use for.

Use Stop & Store Lowestoft to Focus on Your Renovation

Many of our clients are people that are busy renovating their homes and they find placing their furniture and other belongings in a self storage unit gives them and their contractors the space to work effectively and to focus on the renovation from start to finish. This saves time and also removes the stress that comes from worrying about your precious belongings being damaged or stolen while the renovation is in progress.

Here are some of the reasons to hire a unit in our self storage facility so that you can at least be sure that your goods are safe while you concentrate on your home renovations.

  • We know that security of your goods is a priority. It is also ours. Our facility is protected by a CCTV system that is monitored 24/7 as well as intruder alarms, and secured perimeter fencing.
  • Knowing what unit size you need can be tricky. Call one of our team who would be happy to help answer any questions before booking your unit.
  • Our process is simple. Simply sign a contract online, make payment via your credit or debit card and we email you your individual PIN. You can now start moving your goods in.
  • Our units are easily accessible for convenient loading and off-loading. If you need a trolley to help with the transport your boxes, please let us know.  We advise to use stackable plastic boxes which are ideal for keeping your goods safely.
  • Our units, which vary in size from 12 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft., are modern, steel partitioned rooms which are clean, dry, and will ensure that your goods remain free of mildew.  Our largest units can accommodate the contents of a three bedroomed home.
  • If you need your unit for a few weeks or months, we can assist you as we are flexible. There is no lease to be signed or deposit to be paid.
  • Please check our website for recommendations and references from our clients.

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