When faced with a space problem and you are looking for a place to store your motorbike or camping equipment, there are a few options you can consider. Fortunately, the quickest and easiest is one of the cheapest.  Cheap Storage in Lowestoft

It’s not often you get a bargain in life, but that’s what self-storage is. It’s the cheapest rental space you can find. And with this benefit comes a whole lot more, as we will find out later.

For those of you faced with the problem of finding space on a budget, there is no need to worry. Stop & Store Lowestoft offers cheap storage that is affordable and secure right here in Lowestoft.

Looking for the best storage facility can be difficult. Which one do you choose, and on what basis do you make the decision?

While there may be several self-storage providers that you are looking at, you’d want the safety of your goods to be right up there as a priority when you choose a storage provider. Remember that the cheapest storage solution is not always the best, as making this decision could be to your detriment in the long run.

The track record and reputation of the self-storage company is extremely important in making the decision, so we advise you to take this into account when looking for self-storage.

About Stop & Store

As a Lowestoft based storage facility, we make sure that our storage units are accessible to you. We are to be found at Great Eastern Warehouse, Denmark Road, which is conveniently located near the center of town. This position also assists residents in Oulton, Kessingland and Hopton on Sea and the nearby areas with their storage needs.

The facility is well suited for business storage, household storage and student storage requirements. Whatever the size storage unit required, small or large, there is a selection to choose from to suit your needs.

The steel self-storage units, whether external or internal, are completely secure, and you can rest assured that the CCTV security system is the most modern and up-to-date available.

Storage Units

We have various storage unit sizes from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft. Our prices and special offers can be found online together with what you’d expect to be able to store in each one.  Being suited for both commercial and home storage, they are suited for anything from documents to fridges and furniture.

Store Inventory

As your business grows, there will be a need to bump up stock levels. This is a good sign but with it comes headaches, because you will need to find space to store your growing inventory. Don’t be tempted to clutter up office space, there is nothing worse than a messy office: it looks unprofessional.

This is where the cheap storage solution offered by self-storage is a huge advantage. And the good news it’s not binding for long periods at a time. The month-to-month contracts are designed to help you alleviate the stress of having to commit to a long lease, and to be able to help you solve your space problem immediately.

Work from Home

For many of us we have had to get used to having to do some work from home. For some of us it’s become a permanent thing. If this is the case, then it’s wise to make your home office. Most of us have put our home office together in a hurry, and while having to start working immediately it’s likely that there is room for improvement.

This may include sitting in amongst furniture and appliances that you never use. You may need the extra space to accommodate some new office equipment that will make your life easier.

Either way, this is where the cost of storing the in-the-way items in cheap self-storage is an excellent idea. It frees up your space and increases your productivity.

Keep Your Equipment Safe

As an artisan, you may have experienced the awful feeling when your equipment goes missing. Being the tools of your trade, you can’t do without them. Replacing them is expensive.

As a cheap form of storage, self-storage is a completely secure place to establish your workshop or base from which to keep your equipment. And many do, from plumbers, electricians, home improvement builders and renovators alike, they all see the value in using this affordable storage option.

Self-Storage made Easy

The cheap storage offered by self-storage, coupled with the terms of storage are the big advantage to those needing space to store. There is no need to be tied into a long lease and getting in and out of a self-storage arrangement can all be done electronically. There is no deposit to be paid or long-term commitment involved. This easy move-in experience is an advantage to you and fits seamlessly into your daily work or home schedule.

Security Assured

The modern operating system that co-ordinates the processes at Stop & Store is designed to give you, the customer, the most satisfying storage experience possible. We are open 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm, and always at your service when you need us.

No intruders can get access to our facility, while you, the customer, are allocated a unique PIN code for door access control purposes.

Book or enquire today!

Whether its for the purpose of clearing room to work better from home, to store inventory or any other purpose, finding a place is as easy as picking up the phone or going online and booking a self-storage unit.

The good news is that it’s also affordable. Self-storage offers one of the most cost-effective storage solutions for anyone seeking storage in the Lowestoft area.

We at Stop & Store Lowestoft provide the perfect solution for anything that needs to be stored. Contact us today to discuss any further queries that may have if when wanting to book a self-storage unit.

Our units are safe, secure, dry, pest controlled and ideal for this purpose.

Call us at Stop & Store at 01502 580005