When you think of packing up your household of belongings to move to a new address most of us would rate it right up there with the chores to be avoided at all costs. But there are ways that packing and then moving your goods either into a self storage unit or into your new address can be made more pleasant rather than being an experience that you dread. Lowestoft Storage

1. Give Yourself Time

Treat the journey to get your belongings packed up and moved as a process that will take time. Give yourself enough time to organise every step. This way you break the task ahead into smaller steps which will make it more manageable.

Set yourself goals and work to a time frame so that you do not become overwhelmed and exhausted. Even by packing for an hour at a time before taking a break will allow you to pace yourself and keep you motivated.

2. Keep, Donate, Throw Out

Packing up for a move or to put your goods into storage offers an ideal opportunity to sort through your belongings that you may have accumulated over a long time and decide what to keep, what to donate or sell off, and what is past its sell-by date and needs to be thrown out.

Thrift shops and charity organisations are always looking for donations and will happily accept anything that you want to get rid of, from children’s’ toys, to outgrown clothes, baby goods, old books. In fact you can take heart that you are providing something to someone who needs it more than you do.

Then we all have those items that have sentimental value to us and that we cannot bring ourselves to throw out, but that we don’t have space for. This is where a self storage unit at Stop & Store Lowestoft can help. You can keep it safely for as long as you wish.

3. Research, Research, Research

You can’t do enough research when you are planning a move. From finding an ideal removal company to a safe storage facility to store your belongings, this is your best option. Read reviews, check out websites, and compare prices to be very sure of the services you can expect to get and what you can expect to pay. This will help with making your decisions regarding moving companies and storage facilities a bit easier.

4. Phone a Friend

Try and recruit an extra pair (or more) of hands to help out with your move. This will make the entire moving process quicker and more fun for you.

If none of your friends or family can help you look at the cost of hiring the professionals to help you load and unload the heavy stuff.

There are some packing products that can make your move easier, help you with shifting heavy items, keep your furniture clean, and generally make the experience of moving more pleasant.

  • A Mover’s Dolly

    These are particularly useful if you need to move heavy, awkward furniture. This will probably be the most useful item you can have on moving day.

  • Strong, Rachet Tie-down Straps

    To ensure that your load and boxes are properly secured with no chance of shifting around. Any items that are not secured can cause damage when they shift by bumping up against and denting your furniture, as well as breaking any delicate items they knock.

  • Furniture Sliders

    These are useful for gliding those heavy furniture items like sofas, armchairs, tables etc. along hard floor surfaces to cut down on lifting. They also protect your hard floors against damaging scratches when placed under your furniture legs. This makes cleaning and vacuuming easier when you need to shift furniture.

  • Stackable Storage Bins

    These plastic bins are available for hire from Stop & Store Lowestoft and will make packing a breeze as they are stackable. They will keep your goods clean and dry for as long as you wish to store for. There is also no danger of them collapsing as cardboard boxes can do, scattering your goods all over in the process.

  • Bubble Wrap

    Invest in a large roll of bubble wrap, and to make wrapping your goods even easier, get one with perforations. Delicate goods such as crockery, glassware, pictures, photos, and mirrors can be easily wrapped and stacked without breakages. Invest in a roll of white newsprint paper to use for wrapping as well. This paper keeps your crockery and glassware cleaner than wrapping them in newspaper.

  • Heavy Duty Packing Sellotape

You will use plenty of this and to make it easy to use make sure you get a packing tape dispenser.

  • Retractable Blade Box Cutter

    These are indispensable for cutting through the packing tape when unpacking your goods at the other end. They are ideal for breaking down your cardboard boxes for recycling too when you are finished with them.

  • A Garment Rack

    These are useful if you intend storing your clothing as you can just hang your garments up and wheel it into your storage unit. Ideal for storing your seasonal wardrobe as they take a lot of coats, suits, shirts, and dresses. You can use plastic clothing holders to protect your clothes.

How Stop & Store Lowestoft Storage Can Make Your Move a Pleasant Experience

When you need to store any of your belongings, we at Stop & Store Lowestoft storage can help you.

Our facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV 24/7 and other sophisticated security measures. You can be sure that your goods will be safe from theft.

We have a simple booking system that is entirely online. We send you your individual PIN and you gain access to our facility.

To make moving in and out easier for you we have trolleys on site to move your heavy items. Our units are easily accessible for convenient loading and unloading.

We have packaging materials and stackable containers that you can get from us.

We have a wide variety of storage unit sizes, so you are sure to find the right size to suit you.

Please have a look on our website for customer reviews which will help you make up your mind.

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Tel: 01502 580005 for more information. We are ready to assist you solve your storage problems.

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