In the fashion world, UK designers stand tall, producing garments that reach acclaim across the world. This not only gives the country a good reputation for its fashions, but it also is a big job creation sector. Storage Room Lowestoft

To be relevant and to produce garments that customers get excited about, fashion designers have always got to be on top of their game. This means creativity is a key requirement when producing great fashion items.

While production focused, equally important is the storage and distribution of fashion products, as the job doesn’t just stop when the garments are made.

This is often a hurdle for emerging fashion designers, who must do a balancing act of income and expenses when they get going. Having spent a lot of money on fine fabrics, they would wish to be able to store their garments in such a way that they are secure and safe from damage.

Stop & Store Lowestoft provides just the right sort of self storage rooms suited for the storage of fashion garments. By using self storage, fashion designers can control their logistics and their costs effectively.

Facing Up to Challenges

Fashion is an extremely competitive and sometimes fickle market. Trends come and go, and designers are always looking for “something different” to offer consumers. 

Be individualistic.

Something different will vary from young to old, as consumers of all ages look for what attracts them. Designers, knowing this is almost required to be a step ahead of them, determining what it is that would turn them on.

Consistency of looks and styles is the hallmark of a successful fashion designer, Quality, and originality in the fashions they produced is what makes them renowned.

Creating their own brand or unique style is what helps a designer become popular or even famous.

Focus on local.

The changing buying trends that have occurred recently favour a small fashion designer. As fewer people are thronging to large shopping centres, their buying habits have changed to local or online shopping.

Local means smaller and more personal, an approach that assists a small entrepreneur like a fashion designer to gain more sales than before. Online is essentially a level playing field for everyone, and with a creative campaign, designers stand a good chance of being seen.

Local self storage such as Stop & Store Lowestoft is a perfect way to assist with the storage and distribution of designed products.

Build Your Brand and be Ethical.

Fashion shows and exhibitions provide the ideal platform for fashion designers to show off their wares. It is also a good opportunity to get known on the international scene.

Consumers look for products that are unique but at the same time are decerning enough to know that it is as important that the makers of the garments do so responsibly with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Ethics play an important role in creating fashions, while another consideration is gender-neutral clothing, an emerging trend in Europe.

Choose Fabrics Wisely

By choosing sustainable and technically advanced materials which have been produced with little or no impact on the environment, designers are appealing to the hearts of their consumers.

It’s essential to get this aspect across to the market when doing promotions and advertising, whether in the media or at shows.

This will appeal to the customer that is looking to know about the origin of the garment.

Storage Principles

The arduous task of bringing a creation to life takes time and once done, a fashion garment must be stored in a proper manner. The first consideration pre-storage is to ensure that the garment is clean and dry. No moisture should accompany a garment into a storage room as this will cause problems like mould.

It is not advisable to use starch to try and keep the shape of garments, as pests are attracted to it. A silica gel is preferred as this is a safe recognised way to keep moisture away.

Muslin cloth or tissue paper is one of the best materials to use to keep garments separate when in a storage room. Their consistency helps the garment breathe.

Storing garments

A self storage room or any other storage option you choose must protect the integrity and keep the value of your fashion creations safe and in good order.

When looking to store garments in boxes, there are a few rules. Clean and dry is the first. Then pack the heaviest garments first so that they are on the bottom of the box. Neatly pack the lighter and more valuable ones on top.

Close and seal the box and write on all four sides detail of the box contents so that you don’t have to scratch through boxes later.

Protecting against damage

A Stop & Store self storage room is very well suited for fashion garment storage. This is because of the protection the storage units offer and the safety of the environment inside for fashion garment storage.

While you may want to show your customers your garments by displaying them, there are a few crucial pointers to hanging of garments in a storage room.

A self storage room is a good place to display your garments for customers to inspect. To preserve the garments from dust or dirt, cover them in a light fabric or with muslin cloth.

Metal hangers may leave a corrosive mark so rather use wooden or plastic hangers for hanging your fashion items.

Why Stop & Store Self Storage

Stop & Store Lowestoft offers self storage rooms that are perfect for the storage and distribution of fashion creations. Distribution can be easily coordinated by courier or own means.

There isn’t any storage that compares with Stop & Store rates, and for budding designers, it’s a small, fixed cost for a month-to-month storage option. With no long lease needing to be signed, and storage that’s secure and dry, it’s a great option.

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