A beautiful bathroom is an asset to a house. It’s often one of the areas that a prospective buyer will look at with a critical eye before purchasing a house. A bathroom may well be the smallest room in the house, but it’s a place where a lot of personal items need to be stored. Storage Lowestoft

Considering this, space utilization is key to a neat and organized bathroom, and making it work requires considerable planning and implementation. Luckily, there are many good ideas and storage options that can be used to make your bathroom fully functional and look great at the same time.

At Stop & Store storage Lowestoft, storage is our game. With the subject of storage being a passion of ours, we look at every aspect of good storage and are always available to help our clients with suggestions of how to maximize the use of space for storage.

The bathroom is a particularly good example of making space work for you if done well when using all the mod cons available today.

Let’s look at some of these options to see what the experts say about storage in modern bathrooms.

Making Use of Small Spaces

There are some really stylish storage units and ideas available that are made to fit into small spaces in bathrooms. Some of them can be done DIY while others in the form of racks, shelving and cabinets are designed for specific purposes to house the different accessories that are found in bathrooms.

All are designed to make use of space in such a way to make the bathroom easy on the eye, free flowing and not clogged with stuff. This could include unused areas above a door, in the shower or below the water basin.

Storage Tips in The Bathroom

The idea is to have a bathroom with a minimum clutter lying around with most of your stuff packed neatly away, being housed in the appropriate space provided. The neat look and the stylish finish are what is admired in a bathroom. Here are some of the storage units to consider:

Units, niches, and boxes

Narrow units that fit into small spaces extending from the floor to ceiling only occupy a small footprint on the floor while providing a lot of vertical opportunity to pack bathroom items. This is a great advantage when floor space in a bathroom is limited, as the slimline unit is perfect for storing a wide range of bathroom materials on a multi-level basis.

You can make them extremely attractive if you have an artistic bent, by adding glass shelves, or an olde-worlde look by using wood.

The creation of recesses in showers provide a super user-friendly niche for keeping shower gels, shampoos and conditioners, soaps and even ornaments. A perfectly positioned niche helps make these personal products easy to reach when showering and look great when incorporated in the style of the shower.

Decorative boxes which, depending on the style of the bathroom are also immensely popular. These stackable boxes can be made of leather, or plastic like PVC, wooden crates, or any design you feel will work in the bathroom.

The beauty of stackable boxes is that you can add or subtract according to your needs, and having an open look adds the chance to be able to display contents in them in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Hanging Helps Create Extra Storage

A display of crisp white towels in a striking vertical metal towel rack is an easy way to store towels and display them in a bathroom. Free standing racks can be moved around as desired, or they can be fixed to the wall. Being thin and narrow, the folded towels plus the stand take truly little space. Designs could include racks made from ropes, wood, and steel or aluminium, depending on how you want to match the rack with the rest of the bathroom.

Over the door there is space for a floating rack for linens or towels that makes use of this otherwise vacant space.

Don’t underestimate the benefit of hooks in a bathroom. Wet towels are better hanging than on the floor, and hooks always have a use. Adding peg rails with hooks is a more decorative version that can be designed according to the style or theme being used, whether of wire, or wood they add that bit of extra interest in the bathroom.

Holders with pockets add a bright touch as they offer the opportunity to use bright cheerful materials to make them. The pocket hangers can accommodate shaving cream, deodorants, perfumes and even hairdryers. Hang a pocket holder on just one wall hook on the wall on a space that is not being used.


Space for a bathroom cabinet can be made above the basin and below it. The cabinet below the basin is useful for hiding all the bathroom plumbing, while its also space to hold more bulky things like cleaning materials, toilet rolls and less used stuff.

These are built in to incorporate the basin and a mirror, but there are also mobile versions which give you more flexibility when needed.

Other small holders include rotating makeup containers, trays, and holders for the likes of hairdryers which help ensure the neatness of the bathroom is maintained and reduces the number of loose items lying around.

Smarten up Your Bathroom

Now that we have convinced you of how easy it is to upgrade a bathroom and being one of the most important rooms in the house, you may be motivated to revamp yours.

As the revamp could add value to your house it’s worth doing, especially if you are considering selling it. In any event, a great bathroom, where you relax and take time to go about your personal business is always a treat. When you do, you may want to use self-storage here in Lowestoft.

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