All but the most disciplined people are guilty of having some clutter around the home. Raising families, having pets, and enjoying sports and hobbies all mean toys and equipment that need to be kept somewhere. Keeping your home clutter-free requires that everything has a place where it is stored. Finding space for your belongings becomes more difficult with each new acquisition.

Spare rooms become the dumping ground for things with no other place to put them. Closets are filled with clothes, shoes, and jackets, even in the off-season.  Piles of mail, bills, and magazines are stacked on every flat surface. Kids’ toys clutter up the living area as there is a shortage of storage in their bedrooms. Eventually, our homes are places where we cannot even welcome visitors any longer as there is too much of a mess.

Eventually, you get fed up with the mess. Items get lost and you desperately need to do something about it. Decluttering is the answer when you run out of space to put things. It will free up space in your home that was always there but was packed with stuff.

Decluttering doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get rid of items that are precious to you. There are ways of storing extra stuff that will keep your home organized but will still allow you to keep those sentimental items or collections that you are not ready to part with yet. One of these ways is to keep them in a self storage unit. By placing them in a self storage facility, you can still keep these belongings, but you will free up that extra space at home.

If you have unnecessary stuff that you need to get rid of start your decluttering process by finding a method that works for you. 

Decluttering is a process that can be difficult. Where to start, what to do with the stuff, and even letting go of items are all steps along the way to successful decluttering. Achieving an organised, clutter-free home where everything has a place is the goal at the end of this process.

Here are some tips which will make decluttering a bit easier for you.

  1. Don’t procrastinate. Decisions have to be made.

    Decisions need to be made as to whether to keep an item or let it go. If you are undecided about an item and it becomes a ‘maybe’ option, you risk jeopardising your decluttering process. Putting off the decision for another day will get you nowhere.

  2. Declutter before you organise…

    Spending ages tidying up before you declutter is not a permanent solution. But once you have got rid of your unwanted or unused items, it will become easy to keep your stuff tidy and organized. There is no point in organizing those things that you don’t need, so declutter first.

  3. Have a plan in place.

    Knowing where to start and what you plan to do with those items that you no longer need will keep the process from overwhelming you. Deciding on which room to tackle first, how much time you want to spend on it, and where you will take things will help you stick to your resolutions.

  4. Get rid of bags and boxes of unwanted stuff quickly.

    Once you have decided to let go of something, bag it or put it in a box, and get it out of your house quickly. Whether they are being donated to a thrift shop, going to the rubbish dump, or to recycling, the danger of you changing your mind about getting rid of them grows the longer they still are in your possession. Take them to their final destination as quickly as possible.

  5. Have a good reason for decluttering

    This will help you be motivated to finish the task. Some of the reasons for decluttering may include:
    – not losing or misplacing items
    – making space for a home office/new baby
    – avoiding conflict with family members over the state of the house
    – downsizing or moving house

  6. Keep those much-loved items

    There are certain items that you simply cannot get rid of, either because they are of sentimental value, or you may be keeping them for a family member until they are in a position to take them over. Instead of them cluttering up your home though, place them in a self storage unit at your local storage facility. It is the ideal solution for when you need extra space, but don’t want to get rid of certain items permanently.

  7. What are you waiting for?

    Once you have decided to clear the clutter, getting rid of those items you no longer need, and storing the items that you still need but are not in daily use, your sense of achievement and well-being will allow you to enjoy your home once more.

Renting a Unit at Stop & Store Lowestoft will Help with Decluttering

When you are tired of the stacks of papers on every surface, of tripping over old toys, or need a place to keep your seasonal wardrobe, nothing is more practical than renting a self storage unit.

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