One of the secrets of a well-arranged and orderly house is not having it cluttered with things that are not used on a regular basis and mess lying around. To have things in the way, furniture and appliances that are not used, and an overcrowded environment makes a home look untidy. This is especially applicable when you have visitors, or when your house accommodates a big family.

Once the mess starts, it is hard to keep the place clean. This is typically seen in the case of people with hoarding tendencies. Hoarding can be a bit of a problem when someone refuses to let something go just in case it may be needed one day. So, what are the options for you and me when we have too much and need more storage space?

The obvious answer is to get rid of what is not needed. This is often not what happens in real life. Hoarders can’t find it in their hearts to let something go. It must be kept, held onto for whatever reason, for sentimental or perceived value.

Being in the storage space business ourselves, we at Stop & Store Lowestoft provide a range of self storage units of varying sizes from 20 sq ft to 200 sq ft for the person who needs extra storage space. And you’d be surprised at how many of our residents and businesses make use of our services because they need extra storage space.

Finding Storage Space When You Need it

There are several options to consider when looking for storage space. The best storage space will be the one that suits you the most. If its security that is needed then self-storage is considered the most secure, because only one person has access. Self storage also takes the burden of cluttering up space at your house away from you too.

When you need the goods on hand, then storage at home would be more convenient. The basement or the attic are typical spots chosen by those wanting to use extra storage space. Neither are ideal as the attic can leak or attract vermin like mice, while the basement is sometimes a dark, mouldy, and dingy place that would not be ideal for storing items that could get damaged.

The most popular place at home to find extra storage is the garage, which is the one place that all members of the family find place to leave their unused things. This of course results in a garage being full of all the goods that no one needs leaving it cramped and untidy.

Out in the garden a shed is a useful spot to find extra storage space, but often this also gets filled with non-garden items resulting in it becoming a dumping ground for unused stuff as well.

Space at home is always at a premium, and as families grow, more space is required. When this occurs, it becomes necessary to relook at the issue of finding the best storage space for your needs.

From a business perspective extra space for storage can be an expensive exercise. Large warehouses require a long lease and commitment, whereas self storage, although smaller in size, can be obtained at short notice without any binding obligations.

The Advantages of Self Storage

Self-storage is hands down the winner when storage space is needed quickly, and the budget is tight. Let’s look at the benefits of self storage to see how convenient it is when you need more storage space.

Affordability factor

The rate per square foot gets cheaper as the size unit you choose gets larger. You may only need a small space, say 20 sq foot, but remember that its far more economical to hire a large unit (they go up to 200 sq foot in size). Either way self storage is the most economical way of finding extra storage space.


Any self storage facility worth its salt will have a modern system that monitors the premises and the storage units every minute of the day and night. As with Stop & Store Lowestoft, we have CCTV cameras that register any suspicious activity if it were to take place.

Ease of offloading and loading

A good storage facility will make the access as easy as possible, ensuring that you can get your goods into and out of self storage with ease. The Stop & Store staff make this a breeze for its clients, as we understand the heavy work involved.

Customer oriented

Self storage can be a great experience when the staff are friendly and go the extra mile to help you when you need extra storage space. By looking at our reviews on our website you will be able to judge for yourself- customer service is a big priority of ours.

Proximity and Location

Having self storage nearby in a convenient location is a must. When storing in self storage there is always the possibility that you need something in the unit, and to get there shouldn’t be a big mission to do so.

Go Ahead: Rent a Unit at Stop & Store Lowestoft

We have given you several good reasons to use self storage. When you next have the need for extra space, and your home can’t accommodate it, rent a storage unit in your area.

We are in central Lowestoft, where loading and off-loading is made easy for you. We offer you all the benefits described in this article and make it our business to give you customer service excellence.

Ask about special deals which may be applicable at the time. In any event you will find our self storage prices extremely competitive. With no deposit payable and no lease to be signed, working monthly, your commitment is minimal.

We are open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week. This gives you long hours of access to the storage units.

We look forward to hearing from you when you next need storage space.

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