A well-maintained garden adds to a home’s curb appeal. This is why most homeowners take pride in their gardens by ensuring lawns and beds are well-manicured and maintained. In most cases, homeowners will have invested heavily in the lawn and garden equipment that is needed to achieve a great-looking garden.

Gardening enthusiasts may accumulate a large assortment of tools and equipment necessary for nurturing their leafy spaces. As the collection grows, so does the need for space to store it all.

For a good part of the year, however, this equipment is not used, but it still needs looking after. Maintaining lawn and garden equipment is essential as this ensures it lasts and stays in good working order. This equipment also needs to be stored safely and for those who do not have adequate storage space at home, renting a self storage unit is a great solution to this dilemma. Self storage safeguards your valuable tools from damage while ensuring that you have easy access to them whenever you need to use them.

Below is a description of lawn and garden equipment that is suitable for storage as well as how to organise and maintain these items in your self storage unit so that when you need to retrieve them, they are in good condition and ready to use immediately.

Lawn Care Equipment

  • Lawnmowers

    Whether you use a push mower, electric mower, or ride-on mower will depend on the size of your lawn. Proper maintenance and storage are crucial to prolonging the lifespan of these machines.

  • Trimmers and edgers

    Used for trimming edges along pathways, flower beds, fences, and lawns, these contribute to a well-manicured lawn.

  • Leaf blowers and vacuums

    Essential for those seasonal cleanups, these pieces of equipment simplify the task of removing leaves and debris from lawns and driveways.

Essential Gardening Tools

  • Shovels, spades, and trowels

    Essential for gardening tasks such as planting, weeding, and soil preparation.

  • Rakes and hoes

    For leveling soil, removing debris, and cultivating the ground.

  • Pruners and loppers

    Every gardener has these to trim shrubs and prune trees.

  • Hand-held weeders and cultivators

    For removing weeds and aerating the soil.

Watering and Irrigation Tools

  • Hoses and sprinklers

    These come in various lengths and are essential to keep your garden watered during a dry spell.

  • Watering cans

    Used for watering pots and urns.

Preparing Lawn and Gardening Equipment for Storage

  • Thoroughly clean all lawn and garden tools, removing dirt and dust. Remove debris, soil, and grass clippings from lawnmowers, trimmers, and shovels. If you need to use soapy water to clean them, make sure they are properly dry to prevent moisture-related issues such as rusting. Lubricate moving parts of the machinery and apply rust-resistant coatings if necessary. Have lawnmowers and other machines serviced and have their blades sharpened before you store them.
  • Take an inventory of your equipment and separate lightweight hand tools from bulky machinery. Group similar tools together to streamline your packing process. Pack those items that you need more frequently together, as well as keep the same seasons’ tools with each other.
  • Protect against moisture as this poses a significant threat to stored equipment leading to rust, mould, and deterioration of your machines. Line your storage unit with a tarpaulin or place your equipment on pallets to prevent direct contact with the floor. This will act as a moisture barrier and assist with airflow.

Packing Your Lawn and Garden Equipment for Self Storage Unit

  • Install sturdy shelving units in your self storage unit to maximise vertical space and organise smaller items such as hand tools, pots, and gardening supplies.
  • Use wall-mounted racks and hooks to hang larger garden tools such as shovels, rakes, and hoses. This will keep them off the floor and will allow you to access them easily.
  • Store loose items such as seeds, fertilizer, compost, and potting soil in labeled plastic bins or containers for easy stacking.
  • Place frequently used items near the entrance or within easy reach. Label storage bins, containers, or shelves to assist with easily identifying the contents. Creating a detailed inventory list or map will streamline the retrieval process further.
  • Choose a storage facility with good security measures to safeguard your valuable garden and lawn equipment from theft or unauthorised access. The presence of onsite personnel is an added layer of security to ensure the protection of this equipment during storage.
  •  Regularly inspect stored equipment to check for signs of damage or faults and address these issues promptly. This routine maintenance will prolong the lifespan of this equipment and minimize the need for costly repairs.

By storing lawn and gardening equipment in a self storage unit, you can safeguard valuable tools when they are not needed during the off-season. Whether it’s essential gardening tools, lawn care equipment, watering and irrigation tools, or patio furniture and other seasonal items, keeping these items organised and safe in a storage unit is the perfect solution to your lack of storage space problem at home. With proper care and storage preparations, you can keep your lawn and garden equipment reliable for years to come.

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