As electronics become more sophisticated, so do their storage instructions. What normally happens is that when you acquire a new device you are in such a hurry to use it that you ignore the instructions and throw out the box that it comes in.

Innovation in the field of technology means that devices and gadgets are updated with new features at a dizzying rate. You probably have a few old devices that are not broken, just outdated, but they still have value. These are the ones that need to be stored properly so that they do not get damaged. Electronics are sensitive to the environment and are easily damaged, so reading the instructions on how to store them is important.

In case you have thrown out the manual and you need to store some of your older electronics here are some tips for you to follow for them to be stored safely. Luckily with the right preparation, it is perfectly safe to keep your electronics in a self storage unit.

How To Prepare Your Electronics for Storage

Electronic devices are sensitive to handling and movement, which means that they are easily damaged if they are not packed properly.

  1. The best way to prepare an electronic device for storage is to pack it in the box that it arrived in. These boxes are custom-made with an inner molding that fits snugly around the device keeping it from being damaged, especially when being transported. But who has the space at home to keep all these boxes? And invariably the instructions that would give you information on how to store the device are nowhere to be found. But you are sure to find this information on the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Clean your electronics before storing them. Dust and fingerprints build up on screens, so make sure to wipe everything down with a clean cloth before you pack them.
  3. Be sure to have a good supply of packing chips, bubble wrap, and inflatable air pods on hand if you do not have the original boxes. Wrap the device in bubble wrap and pack it in a box so that it cannot budge. Use packing chips and bubble wrap to cushion the device.
  4. Electronics come with attachments such as chargers and cables. If these are mislaid the device is pretty much useless to you. Pack these in sealable bags and pack them with your device in the box too. This is a way of keeping everything together so you can immediately find the right connections when you need to use your device again. Label the cables to help you pair them up in case they get separated.
  5. Devices with removable batteries should not be stored without removing the battery first. A leaking battery will damage your device beyond repair.
  6. Label the box you pack clearly so that you know exactly what is inside. If you are placing several smaller electronic items into one large box, make sure to label the large box with everything that you have placed inside of it as well. This will ensure that you keep organized. You will be able to easily locate a specific device if you need to.

Packing your electronics away into your self storage unit needs to be done with care as this is where they can be damaged if they are not stacked properly.

  • If you are storing your electronics with other household items place them on top of stacked boxes.
  • Don’t stack anything on top of your electronics, especially if it is heavy.
  • It is better to try and keep your electronics in a separate space from your other belongings. This way they won’t get pushed around or have heavy stuff placed on them by mistake.
  • When storing your TV make sure that it is wrapped in plastic and then covered by a blanket to protect it from being bumped or scratched. A TV should be stored upright. Pack it at the back of your unit so that it doesn’t get damaged.
  • If you need to access any of your electronics while they are in storage, place them in the front of your unit.

The Benefits of Storing Your Electronics at Stop & Store Lowestoft

Electronics need to be packed securely before they are placed in storage. These devices are easily damaged if not packed properly. So, it is important to choose the right self storage facility to store them in.

We take the fact that entrusting your assets or belongings to someone you do not know is a big step. Therefore, we take our responsibility seriously, and that is why security is our top priority. Our self storage facility is fully secured with 24/7 monitored CCTV and intruder alarms.

Access to our facility is strictly monitored so anyone with no business being there is kept out.

Use our simple booking system and once we have the paperwork in order and have received your payment we send you your individual PIN code, and the unit is yours to access straight away.

We have a variety of different-sized units available, so there is certainly to be one that will suit your needs. Check on our website for any special offers pertaining to renting one of our units. Use our handy Space Calculator to assist you to choose the right sized unit depending on how many electronics or other belongings you wish to store.

We have a trolley that you can make use of when moving your goods in or out,

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