Self storage may seem like the ideal place to store those items that you can’t fit into your home or office. However, certain items are prohibited from being stored in these units. This is to ensure the safety of the facility, other tenants, and the environment.

It is essential therefore if you are planning to rent a self storage unit to take note of the list of items prohibited from self storage to avoid potential dangers posed by these items and to make sure no violations of the facility’s terms and conditions occur.

Renting a self storage unit provides an excellent solution for many storage needs, but certain items are prohibited to ensure the safety and well-being of tenants, facility staff, and the environment.

Most self storage facilities prohibit certain items. In this blog, we will delve into the various categories of items that are commonly restricted from being stored in self storage units. We will explore the reasons behind these restrictions and suggest alternative storage options.

  1. Hazardous Materials and Chemicals are Prohibited from Self Storage Unit

    Examples of prohibited hazardous materials include gasoline, propane tanks, compressed gases, explosives, fireworks, and radioactive materials. These items pose significant safety risks like fire, explosions, and environmental pollution. It is no wonder that these are at the top of the list of prohibited items considering the danger they could pose to other tenants and to the facility itself. These items should be stored in specialised facilities that adhere to strict safety protocols and regulations. They have no place in any self storage facility.

  2. Perishable Items and Food are Prohibited in Self Storage Unit

    This is one of the most ignored safety regulations by people using self storage. This is because of the risk food items pose in attracting pests, insects, and rodents. These unwanted visitors can wreak havoc with your stored items by chewing and nesting in them. An infestation of these can move to other units in the facility. So there will not only be damage to your stored items but also to the belongings of other tenants. Perishable items include fresh produce, meats, dairy products, and any food items that have an expiration date. Dried packaged foods that are not sealed in plastic containers can also attract rodents and other pests. It is important therefore to ensure that any belongings you place in your storage unit are clean. Make sure there are no leftover foods in fridges and freezers.

  3. Any Living Organism such as Pets or Plants

    A self storage unit is not suitable for keeping your animals and it is also against the law. Animals will suffer from heat, cold, lack of water and food, and living in a dark, confined space. Even if it is for a day or two, it is prohibited. Just don’t do it!Plants cannot thrive in this environment, and they will deteriorate and may attract pests which can cause damage to your stored belongings. Instead of storing them in your unit, give them to a friend or plant them outside.Please get a family member or friend to pet sit or look after your plants for as long as your goods are in storage.

  4. Illegal Items, Substances, or Stolen Goods

    Storing illegal substances, stolen goods, or any property obtained through illicit means is strictly prohibited. Facility operators are bound by law to report any suspicious activities to the authorities. Renting a self storage unit for illegal purposes will lead to severe legal consequences.

  5. Firearms, Ammunition, and Explosives

    Weapons, firearms, ammunition, and explosives are generally forbidden in self storage units. These items can lead to accidents, theft, and unauthorized access, posing serious safety concerns for the facility and its occupants. Gun owners should ensure they comply with local laws and regulations regarding the storage of firearms.

  6. Currency, Deeds, Securities, Valuables, and Irreplaceable Items

    While self storage units are secure, storing highly valuable or irreplaceable items is not recommended. Items like precious jewelry, important documents, heirlooms, and original artworks can be better safeguarded in bank vaults or secure facilities with specialised storage solutions.

  7. Toxic and Flammable Materials

    Toxic and flammable materials are hazardous and can cause damage to both the stored items in your unit and the entire facility. Examples of toxic and flammable materials include pesticides, fertilizers, cleaning chemicals, and paint thinners. Dispose of these substances according to local regulations before moving your belongings into your storage unit.

  8. Asbestos and Biomedical Waste

    Asbestos, a hazardous material linked to severe health risks, must not be stored in self storage units. Biomedical waste, such as used needles and medical supplies, cannot be stored in these facilities as they pose significant health hazards. These items need to be disposed of legally and there are strict protocols surrounding their storage and disposal.

  9. Living and Working from Your Storage Unit

    A storage unit is not an office, and it definitely is not a place to sleep! But you can store any tools, inventory, or equipment that you need for your business.

Using self storage can be a lifesaver, but you need to comply with your chosen facility’s rules and regulations. This will ensure a secure and satisfactory storage experience for you and the other customers.

If in doubt about whether an item can be stored, it is always best to consult with the facility’s management. If it is not allowed, seek alternative storage solutions.

Stop & Store Lowestoft Self Storage Unit

When you need to place your goods in a self storage unit, our facility has everything in place to keep them safe.

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