The growth of the self storage market is a trend due mostly to increased urbanisation. This has led to many of us downsizing as we choose to live nearer urban centres where there are more work and leisure opportunities. These properties are traditionally smaller with higher rentals, so there is not always space for all of our possessions. This has contributed to the increase in the use of self storage facilities as these items are considered essential to our lifestyles and need to be stored somewhere. Self storage facilities such as Stop & Store Lowestoft are of a high enough standard that you are able to store anything, even if it is of value, in your unit.

For many of us, using a self storage facility when we run out of space to keep our extra stuff, is a way of getting our homes organised. It is the go-to solution to that perennial problem of where to store things when we run out of space at home. This lack of storage space is a frequent problem that many of us face at some stage.

One of the reasons is that modern houses or apartments are not as spacious as older houses, so if you live in a modern home you will most likely face a shortage of storage space. We also tend to have more possessions now, such as clothes, sporting equipment, and electronics that are not needed daily, but that take up valuable space at home. These kinds of items can all be stored safely in a self storage facility.

Now that you have decided to rent a self storage unit for your extra items, you need to make the most of this space. After all you are paying good money for this space so here are some tips to ensure that you get the most value for your money.

  • Decide which items you wish to place in your self storage unit. What are the reasons for storing? Are you clearing out your seasonal items of clothing? Do you have sports equipment such as golf clubs, skiing equipment, or bikes that you only use occasionally? Are you putting away those things that you do not want to get rid of permanently but that you only use now and again? If you are setting up a spare bedroom as your new home office you may wish to store the bedroom furniture to make way for a desk, chair, and other office equipment.
  • Is there another way of dealing with some of these items? What about selling some of them on the various online sites if you cannot see yourself using them in the future. You could also consider donating items such as unwanted books, toys, clothing etc. to your local charities.
  • Make sure that you rent the correct sized self storage unit. After all, a self storage unit is rented out by the square foot, so you don’t want to pay for space that you are not using. On the other hand, you don’t want a unit that is so small that you have to pack it so full that you cannot access boxes at the back.
  • Don’t use up your storage space to keep items of little value. Those items that you have been hoarding and that may be broken or no longer in use, need to be tossed. Use this as an opportunity to get rid of those belongings that you will never need again. Otherwise, they end up taking up valuable space as you move your clutter to your storage unit.
  • When you are packing your belongings for storage, wrap breakables in bubble wrap or packing paper to keep them safe. Don’t make your boxes too heavy. This will not only make them difficult to lift, but the bottom of the box could collapse.
  • When you pack your storage unit dismantle bulky items of furniture where possible. This way they will take up less space and it will limit the chances of them getting damaged. Pack heavy boxes at the bottom of a pile, put the boxes that you will not be needing at the back, and those that you will need access to, at the front.
  • Label your storage boxes in detail and keep an inventory of everything that you place in your storage unit. This will ensure that you will be able to put your hands on any item if you need to. You don’t want your storage unit to become an “out of sight, out of mind” scenario!
  • This inventory will enable you to review the items that you have put in storage to decide whether you actually still have a use for them. You may find that after a time the items that you thought would have some future value to you, no longer hold any personal value and you can therefore sell or donate them too.
  • If you need frequent access to your stored items it will make it easier if the facility is located close by to your home or office. Can you gain access to your unit between 8pm and 6pm. Check that the hours of business suit you.
  • Check up on the reputation of the storage facility that you choose. Word of mouth is one way, and also read the reviews left by customers on the website.

Why Use Stop & Store Lowestoft?

  • Our storage facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV and intruder alarms. We offer a secure place for business or personal storage, accessible seven days a week.
  • Booking is simple. Once you have completed the paperwork and you have received your individual access PIN, you are good to go.
  • Our units are easily accessible for convenient loading and off-loading.
  • Our units, which vary in size from 12 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft., are modern, steel-partitioned rooms which are clean, dry, and secure. They are designed to keep your goods safe.
  • We are conveniently situated near the railway station in Lowestoft. We are convenient for Oulton, Hopton on Sea, Kessingland, and surrounding areas.
  • Whether you need your unit for less than a month or for longer, we are flexible and can assist you.
  • Make use of our Space Calculator if you are not sure what sized unit you need. Otherwise, contact us, and we can assist you.
  • Please check our website for customer reviews.

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