There are many times that life doesn’t necessarily go according to plan. In fact there is a meme that says, “Expect the Unexpected”. Some of these life-changing circumstances will require you to make some tough decisions, so the question of where to store your belongings for the foreseeable future is one that you do not want to stress over during a difficult patch.

You may have a chance of being transferred abroad through your job which will mean putting your household goods in storage while you are away.

You may decide to go travelling for an extended period and instead of selling all your belongings and starting again from scratch when you get back, you choose to put them in long term storage instead.

There is a chance that your relationship status is changing. You may be going through a divorce or separation and need to downsize your home. Or you may be moving in with your partner and decide to store the extra furniture and items rather than sell them. You may be expecting a baby and need to get a nursery ready, and you need a place to store the contents of the room you are renovating.

Someone close to you may have died and you need to deal with their estate which means that their belongings may need to be stored until the legalities are sorted out.

At Stop & Store Lowestoft we can solve these long term storage problems for you as you can store your belongings with us for as long as you need to. Our self-storage facility is secure so you can be assured that your belongings will be safe.

Look For These Features When Deciding on a Long Term Storage Facility for your Goods

  • Decide on which belongings you plan to place in your storage unit so you can choose the correct size. There are many sizes to choose from so use the handy space calculator on our website which will help with this choice. Remember you pay by square foot, so it is important not to hire a unit that is too large.
  • The most important feature is that of security. You need to know that your belongings will be safe from theft while they are in storage. Monitored CCTV surveillance and a secure entry point is essential.
  • Location of the facility is important if you need to access your goods while they are in storage, so a unit close to your home will be more practicable.
  • If you are storing furniture and other large items you will need a storage unit that is easily accessible for loading and offloading so a ground level unit with drive-up access will be suitable.
  • If you are planning on travelling or working abroad find out about automatic payment options to make it easier for you.

Here are Some FAQ’s When Considering Long Term Storage

Which are the better boxes to use for packing? Cardboard or Plastic?

For long term storage we would recommend plastic boxes. They will keep your belongings free of damage from moisture and pests, and they are durable and stackable. Cardboard boxes are cheaper and are perfect for short term storage. If you choose to use cardboard boxes it is recommended to use new ones as the used ones from the grocery shop may be infested with insect eggs which will hatch and then wreak damage on your stored items. We do not recommend storing your goods in plastic bags as they tend to disintegrate over time and will leave your storage unit looking messy and disorganised.

Will My Goods Be Safe While they are in Storage?

Security is the most important consideration when deciding where to store your belongings. You need to be assured that everything in your storage unit will still be there and in the same condition when you fetch it in a few months’ time. So the security arrangements at the storage facility that you choose are of the utmost importance.

Are There Complicated Contracts to Sign and Deposits to be Paid?

A self storage facility should offer easy in easy out monthly contracts to keep the process simple. You don’t want complicated leases and added expenses onto what you were quoted for your unit.

How do I know the Storage Facility is Any Good? Are There Any Customer Reviews?

When you are booking a service such as this online you need to be able to check reviews on how reliable the facility is. After all you are placing your precious belongings in their care, so you need to know that it is a reputable company and that they will look after your stuff.

Stop & Store Lowestoft for When You Need Long Term Storage

At Stop & Store Lowestoft we offer a solution for when your life circumstances change, and you need long term storage for your personal belongings.

  • If one of your priorities is to ensure that your goods are stored in a secure environment, Stop & Store Lowestoft is the right facility for you. With our state of the art security measures such as monitored CCTV and intruder alarms, you can leave your possessions and have peace of mind that they are safe.
  • Our modern, simple operating system enables you to book and pay online for your self-storage unit using your tablet or phone. We will send you your individual PIN code and you can access your storage unit straight away. It is as easy as that.
  • Our units vary in size from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, they are safe, dry, pest controlled and ideal for the purpose of storing any personal belongings and household goods.
  • There are no hidden costs added to your monthly premium.
  • You can hire storage space for 1 month or for as long as you need. If you move your goods in the middle of a month, you pay a pro rate. Contact us 01502 580005  for availability.
  • When you need a long term storage solution to keeping your belongings safely, contact us, we have the answer.
  • With our long trading hours, you can access the contents of your unit from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.
  • Please check our website for some genuine feedback from our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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