Once you have decided to use a particular self storage facility to store your possessions, there is information that you need to know about it to make sure that you have chosen the best possible self storage provider for your needs. After all, you are entrusting your expensive and precious belongings to some place that you do not know, so it is in your interest to ask some questions about the facility.

There are many reasons for needing extra storage for your personal belongings, but whatever those may be, here are some of the questions you need to ask.

  1. What Security Measures Are in Place at the Storage Facility?

    If you are entrusting your belongings to a self storage company you need to know that these goods will be safe and protected for the duration that they are in storage, and that the facility is doing its utmost to keep them this way. So the first question you need to ask the storage facility management is ‘will my belongings be safe’? A storage facility needs to be secure, and you need details about these security measures. Some questions you want answered are that there is adequate CCTV monitoring of the facility, the perimeter fencing is secure, and that there is adequate lighting at night.

  2. How Secure is My Self Storage Unit?

    Are you the only person who has access to your unit? Is access to the facility strictly controlled? Check that no one else has access to your unit. If it is a unit that needs a padlock, make sure that you are the only key holder.

  3. How Much Will My Storage Unit Cost Me?

    It is important to know what your monthly costs will be. Stop & Store Lowestoft have a transparent way of charging in that there are no deposits to be made, no extra costs for utilities so the charge you are quoted per month is what you are liable for. Look out for hidden costs. So ask for a firm quote upfront to remove any uncertainty.

  4. Is There a Simple Booking System?

    You don’t want to be sent from pillar to post when booking a storage unit. A simple system whereby once you have paid you have immediate access to your unit is what you want as you can begin moving your goods in immediately. A PIN code access system improves the security of the facility in that no unauthorized people can enter.

  5. When Can I Access My Storage Unit?

    Make sure that you can retrieve items any time you need to. You don’t want to be confronted with a locked gate when you arrive to fetch or drop off stuff. You need access to your stuff, and it is reasonable to expect that the facility will make this as easy as possible for you as the client. Some facilities offer longer business hours, and if you wish to access your goods over a weekend, make sure to choose a facility that offers you this service.

  6. Can I Cancel or Change the Size of My Unit Easily Without Being Liable for a Heavy Penalty?

    These are both circumstances when flexibility is the key, so check your rental facilities’ terms and conditions. To be able to move to a bigger or smaller storage unit, or to even cancel without expensive repercussions, is what you need in a storage facility.

  7. How Can I Save on Storage Facility Costs?

    The best way is to rent a unit that is the correct size for the goods you want to store. Rental costs are calculated on the square footage of the unit, so it makes a difference if you choose the right sized unit and not one that is too big for ‘just in case I need the extra space down the line’. If you find that you need a larger sized unit most facilities will allow you to upgrade to a larger one.
    Check out for any special offers at the facility of choice, such as pay for one month and get a month half price.

What Makes Stop & Store Lowestoft the Facility of Choice for Our Clients?

We take the fact that entrusting your assets or belongings to someone you do not know is a big step. Therefore, we take our responsibility seriously, and that is why security is our top priority. Our self storage facility is fully secured with 24/7 monitored CCTV and intruder alarms.

Access to our facility is strictly monitored so anyone with no business being there is kept out.

We have a state-of-the-art operating system that enables us to book and pay online for your self-storage unit. Once we have received your payment we send you your individual PIN code, and the unit is yours to access straight away.

We have a variety of different sized units available, so there is certain to be one that will suit your needs. Check on our website for any special offers pertaining to renting one of our units. Use our handy Space Calculator to assist you choose the right sized unit depending on how much stuff you wish to store.

We have a trolley that you can make use of when moving your goods in or out. We recommend using plastic stackable boxes to make your move easier.

Please check our website for reviews left by our clients.

Our facility is conveniently located in the 92 Denmark Road Lowestoft NR32 2EH

There is easy access to load and unload your goods.

Our office hours are 8am to 8pm, seven days a week for your convenience.

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