Moving home is something that we all experience at some stage, and no matter how many times we go through it, it is a stressful experience. In fact after a move, we often declare ‘Never Again!’

Here are some tips to make the day run as smoothly as possible, whether you are moving apartments, or packing up and moving a large household of stuff to the other side of the country. Things can go wrong no matter how big or small your move is.  Start planning for your move early on as leaving it to the last minute will leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

Before you even get to moving day, there are chores that you need to carry out so that move day proceeds smoothly.

  1. Do you think you can handle your own move; can you manage with the help of a few friends and family, or is it better to leave it to a professional moving company? Will you need to rent a truck? If you are leaving it to the professionals, ensure that you look for someone in good time, as removal companies are often booked weeks in advance. Removal companies are busier at the end of the month and over weekends but may offer discounts for moves in the middle of the month or the week, so this is something you could consider. Moving is expensive, so choosing your move date wisely could potentially save you some money.
  2. You will need to cancel the utilities in your old home, and transfer them to your new address, or set up new ones if you are moving to a new district. If you have children at school, you will need to notify their current school, and find a school in your new area. If you are moving with pets, it may be easier to book them into a kennel for a few days over the move. Pets tend to become very unsettled when they see suitcases and boxes being packed.
  3. Organise packing supplies such as boxes, wrapping materials such as bubble wrap, and tape. We recommend plastic containers or sturdy boxes that will keep your valuable belongings safe. Remember to book a self storage room at our facility if you need to keep anything in storage during the duration of your move.

When moving day finally arrives here are some tips to help it run smoothly and to keep your helpers happy and their energy levels up.

  • Have your personal items such as clothing packed before your professional movers arrive. Once they begin packing, time seems to move quickly as your attention will be divided between this one and that one.
  • Pack a separate suitcase or bag filled with those items necessary for your first night in your new home. Place items such as a kettle, cups, a few utensils, pj’s for everyone, and any toiletries and prescription drugs, as well as a change of clothes for everyone. Pack your laptop and chargers so you can access these easily. Consider packing bed linen for each family member so that you can make beds immediately. And of course, your child’s favourite toy or even a small box of toys to keep them busy. Something to think of adding to this survival box is a box cutter and a few trash bags to get you started on your unpacking. These survival items are not to be put into the removal truck, but rather into your car so that you have access to them immediately at the other end.
  • It is essential to list the items in each box as it is packed and keep the contents of each room together to make it easier when unpacking at the other end. You can even use different coloured duct tape for different rooms to assist with this. Number your boxes and keep an inventory so that you know you have all your things once you unpack at your new home.
  • Organise snacks and drinks for your helpers to keep them going! A nice touch would be to order in some pizzas for them when they get to the end of a long day of helping you.

Benefits of Using a Self Storage Room at Stop & Store Lowestoft

Organising your possessions before a move is most important. After all, there is no point in moving items that you no longer use. So take time to go through your stuff before you begin packing. Donate or sell those items you have no use for, but for those that you wish to keep, and those you cannot bear to get rid of, consider putting them in a self storage room to give your more time to decide.

  • One of your priorities will be to make sure that your goods are safe in storage. Our storage facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV and intruder alarms so you can have peace of mind that your belongings are protected from theft.
  • There is easy access to the units for loading and off-loading. We have trollies available for your use.
  • Our units, which vary in size from 12 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft., are clean, dry, and secure steel partitioned rooms. To make it easier for you to choose the right sized unit we have a Space Calculator if you are not sure how much space you need for your belongings. Or alternatively contact us, and we can assist you.
  • Our easy to use technology mean that you can secure a self-storage unit online from your mobile or tablet, pay, and access your unit as soon as you receive your individual PIN code. Our aim is to keep it as simple as possible for our clients.
  • Rent a self storage unit from 1 month to as long as you need.
  • We offer a secure place to store your belongings when you need long term storage. We are open seven days a week to make it easily accessible. Our hours are 8am to 6pm so you can come and go as you please during these times.
  • Please check customer reviews on our website.

Please contact us on 01502 580005 for more information when you are ready to downsize.

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