Many people are unaware of the benefits that self-storage options can offer and how reasonable the costs of renting a unit are.

The benefits of hiring additional space are many, and this may be an excellent option to use when you are moving to a new house. Not only will self-storage reduce a whole lot of stress associated with moving, but it will save you the hassle of having to sell, give away, or throw out possessions that you still have use for. A self-storage unit allows for the luxury of keeping stuff that you may need one day without cluttering up your home.

Inevitably when you are moving to a new house, you discover tons of extra stuff that you’d forgotten you owned. It could be items that have been hidden away in the garage, attic or even the basement. We have seen owners unnecessarily throwing out the contents of their garden shed only because the new house didn’t have one. They are sure to get a new shed sometime and will have to buy all their tools again. Instead, they could have kept it in self-storage at a minimal cost.

It’s so Easy to Rent a Self Storage Unit 

Your move out-move in dates may not coincide but that isn’t a problem. The solution is self storage! By keeping your belongings in a secure storage unit like those offered by Stop & Store Lowestoft, you will have time to breathe, and have no worries about the safety and storage of your valuable possessions.

Many homeowners use self storage to store items that are cluttering up their homes before putting the house on the market. This act of reducing the mess and tidying up the home often converts into more value being obtained in their selling prices. It also allows owners to stage their homes more effectively as space is made for decorative and props that show the house better.

As storage units are always in high demand, it’s a good idea to reserve yours well ahead of time. With this out of the way, packing can begin, and you can work to a deadline. By not having packing boxes everywhere, your home will look clean and tidy, and who knows, it could help you sell your home even faster!

Stop & Store Offers a Wide Range of Units

Finding the best storage unit for your needs will depend on whether you need the facility to be located near your old home, or your new home. Choosing the size of unit will depend on whether you need storage for a few small boxes or the contents of a three-bedroom home. The space calculator on our website will help you choose the correct size for your requirements, or we will be happy to advise you.

Extras Offered by Storage Companies

Some storage companies offer extras like removal truck and van rentals to make your move easier. Find out whether they are manned, so you have a crew to help with lifting and carrying your belongings.

You will need boxes for your move and Stop & Store rent out plastic boxes which are reusable, and you return them after your move. Plastic moving crates are stronger than cardboard boxes, do not need to be built and broken down, they are stackable and come with fitted trolleys. Ask our staff about which size boxes would be best for you to use.

Where Do You Start?

Pack anything up that you can live without to send to storage. Clear knickknacks from your living areas, personal photos, books, and magazines that are cluttering up your space. This is the time to pack up and sort through children’s toys – they will be so excited when they get to their new home and are suddenly confronted with a stack of ‘new’ toys that they had forgotten about. Clothes that are out of season can also be packed up. You can now present your tidy, uncluttered home to potential buyers and who knows? It may fetch you a better price, thus offsetting the cost of renting the storage unit.

Get Organised

The more organised you are, the easier your move will progress. If you are trying to sell your home it is a no-brainer to use a self storage unit. Moving your excess belongings will help you keep your house tidy and organised. However, it is just as important to keep your storage unit organised from the moment you move the very first box in. Label everything clearly and in great detail so you will find stuff easily. Pack your boxes methodically with your least used items at the back. Leave corridors around the piles of boxes so you can move around easily.

We at Stop & Store Lowestoft have many years of experience in storage and moving and will be able to help you with any questions you may have about self-storage. We will be happy to advise you on how to pack your belongings and arrange them in your storage unit to make the most of the available space.

Renting a self storage unit to keep your precious belongings safe and secure while you negotiate the sale of your house will make your move easier and less stressful. It will also go a long way to reducing the clutter in your home.

Why Choose Stop & Store, Lowestoft

At Stop & Store our self-storage options are flexible. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we know that everyone has different storage needs and we realise that no one wants to be locked into a long-term contract which is why we offer storage options ranging from 1 month to as long as you need the unit.

We are perfectly located to service Oulton, on Sea, Kessingland and the surrounding areas.

  • We are centrally located in Lowestoft near the Railway Station and convenient to the town centre and our facility offers easy access to load and unload your goods.
  • We are open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm.
  • Our facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV, also intruder alarms.
  • Our state-of-the-art, fully automated operation system is focused on making your experience simple and efficient. Enquire, book, and pay online 24/7. Nothing could be simpler.
  • Our units are affordable, and we run various special offers for our customers, so please have a look at our website or contact us to enquire about these. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact us on 01502 580005