There are many reasons why a business decides to move to a new office. If the business has grown it will need to move to a larger location. If on the other hand, the business has not done so well or there are more of its employees working from home, it may need to downsize to more affordable premises. Whatever the reason though, a move is difficult for all the members of the staff.

Why is an office relocation so difficult? Moving office is a stressful operation mainly because the business needs to keep on operating despite the move. This adds an extra burden to an already demanding situation. So, anything that helps to make the move proceed smoothly is worth considering.

Office relocation requires careful planning, from booking a removal company in good time, and packing up the old office, to deciding how many staff members will need to help on the day. This planning can begin months prior to the move. One of the main considerations is that servers and other electronic equipment will need to be set up timeously so that your business keeps operating during the move, and the transition from one location to the new one is carried out as smoothly as possible.

Timing of the move also must be taken into account, for instance, how long do you have from leaving your old premises to moving into the new premises. Does it all have to happen in one day? All these tasks need to be juggled simultaneously, so if any of these steps fail, or don’t happen on time, employers will be in panic mode. You don’t want to annoy your customers by missing deadlines.

There is a solution to some of these problems, and that is using a self storage unit to assist with aspects of the move.

Self Storage Allows You to Carry Out Your Move in Stages

It is extremely difficult to move the contents of an entire office in one day. So, with some forward planning and packing, you can store furniture and equipment that is not in daily use, in a self storage unit.

Offices are filled with furniture such as desks, chairs, boardroom tables and chairs, computers, servers, and all sorts of other electronic equipment, and cabinets filled with stored paperwork. Much of this is not in daily use and can be packed up and stored even up to a few weeks ahead of the move date.

The advantage of using a storage unit for the short-term storage of these items is that you can be sure that they will be safe and secure.

Self Storage Gives You Time to Set Your New Office Up

Packing up at the old address and moving to your new address where you immediately have to unpack and find a place for everything in your new office, is often a step too far.

Take advantage of empty new office space to plan where the computers and electronic equipment will go. Take a few essentials with you, and you will be able to set up your new office quickly and carry on with business as usual. You can take time to decide where to place desks other furniture, and workstations. Keeping them in a storage unit for a short time means that you are not under pressure to find a place immediately for furniture and equipment. It will mean that you can get your new office ready and organized before the rest of the office furniture and equipment arrives. This step is sure to make your move less stressful.

Self Storage Will Keep Your Office as Clear as Possible While You Set Up Critical Facilities

Moving to a new office involves more than just loading and offloading office furniture. There are facilities such as the internet, networks, and phones that need to be organized, and this requires the laying of new lines and cables. This is an easier task to undertake if the office space is clear, so keeping furniture and equipment in a self storage unit will allow these utilities to be installed with minimal interruptions.

If you intend to decorate your new office before moving in, try and do it before you move everything into place.

Start Packing Non Essential Items Early

This will help to keep your workspace tidy during the move, especially if you move these boxes and furniture items into your storage unit as you go. Productivity won’t suffer as it would if employees are expected to carry out their tasks in a disorganized work environment.

This additional space will make it easier for your removal company to move boxes and furniture into the van when moving day finally arrives. It will also mean that you can start cleaning up the old premises in good time so that you can hand it over in good condition. After all, you want to reclaim your deposit back from the landlord.

Use Stop & Store Lowestoft to Assist with Your Office Move

Renting a self storage unit at Stop & Store Lowestoft will not solve all the stresses of an office move, but it will solve the big problem of where to keep your office furniture and equipment safely while you organize your new space.

We have a wide range of unit sizes to choose from, so we can assist with the storage of any amount of stuff.

Our facility offers superior security features including 24-hour monitored CCTV and other security features.

Our units are clean and dry so you can be sure that your goods will be kept safe from any damage caused by moisture or pests.

Whether you want to store your goods for a few weeks or a few years, we can assist you.

We offer an easy booking system. Once we have received your payment, we send you an individual PIN code that gives you access to your unit.

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