A shortage of storage space is something that most of us experience at some stage. We all know that feeling when we look at our living spaces and our hearts sink! They look messy and in need of a good clear-out. And to go even further down this decluttering road, you may want to take it further and simplify your life by getting rid of some belongings to achieve a more minimalist look.

There are benefits for you when you get rid of your clutter. The result will be owning less stuff, a decluttered home, and a decluttered life too.

  • Your home will be easier to clean. Cleaning is one of those household chores that have to be done but imagine if you had fewer possessions to keep dusted and items to clean around, and how much easier it would make it? Keeping a house clean is a time-consuming activity, so making it simpler will give you time to do other things that you enjoy.
  • Imagine the pleasure of not having the stress of searching for lost keys, books, misplaced homework, etc.? When a home is cluttered, these sorts of occurrences can be an everyday source of frustration. By organizing your belongings, finding your stuff becomes easy.
  • There is a place for everything. Tidying up your home will become easier as you have a storage place for your belongings.

Clutter can cause us stress and frustration which affect our temperament and behaviour. It is important for our health to control those stressors that we can.

How do you decide whether a particular item is clutter you need to get rid of, or is something you want to keep in storage? Here are three considerations to make it easier for you to decide:

  • Do I Use It?
  • Do I Love It?
  • Do I Want It or Actually Need It?

Once you have answered these questions honestly, your decision of whether to keep or not will be simpler to take. These questions are a good place to begin when you are faced with that mountain of plastic containers, those clothes that you haven’t worn for years, and those kiddies’ toys that your children no longer play with.

How To Begin Decluttering

  1. Hire a self storage unit to keep those seasonal items that seem to cause clutter. This type of storage is perfect for those items that you don’t necessarily use often, but that you want to keep.
  2. Pack away your seasonal clothing into boxes, label these boxes, and take them to your storage unit.
  3. When clearing out a space put the items into four piles, the Keep pile, the Donate or Sell pile, the Toss pile, and the Store pile. This is a good system to use even when you are asked to help a family member sort through their stuff when they need to downsize. Any items that are of sentimental value can be stored instead of thrown out.
  4. There are those items that are only used for a few weeks a year. These would include camping equipment, sporting equipment, and the paraphernalia that goes with these activities. These items are expensive and bulky. They need to be stored safely, not just shoved into the garage, or take up precious space in your spare room. Keeping them in your self storage unit will keep them safely out of the way, and make sure they remain in good condition. Enjoy when you need them – you don’t need to trip over them for the rest of the year.
  5. A tip that is given by the experts to help you start your decluttering is to walk into your home and view it as a visitor would. Take note of your first impression of where attention is needed, and which areas could do with a clear-out, or could be better managed.
  6. Don’t turn down any help that is offered by a friend. Accepting a helping hand is a good way for you to stay motivated and on track.

Once you have organized your home and removed your excess belongings, how do you ensure that it stays that way? There are some routines that you can carry out which will help keep the clutter under control.

  • One in means one out. If you buy something new for yourself or your home, think of getting rid of something similar.
  • Developing the habit of dealing with items as you go will enable you to maintain a clutter-free home. An example is folding the laundry and putting it away instead of letting it lie around.
  • Make a rule for yourself of only handling something once. When you pick up an item, put it away so that it does not have to be moved again later.
  • Make a schedule of household chores that will keep your home clutter-free. Keeping your fridge and pantry organized and tidy is a task that needs to be done regularly.
  • Dealing with papers on the kitchen counter, or clearing your workspace is important to maintain your clutter-free environment.

If your aim is to maintain a clutter-free home to give you more space, you need to develop the discipline to follow through with your schedule. A clutter-free home will have a positive effect on your family and an added advantage is you will have a home you can be proud of.

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