Using a self storage facility to keep our belongings securely is the perfect solution for those times when we could do with some extra storage space. It can prove very useful when we are moving house, particularly when the move out and move in dates from our old house to our new house do not coincide.

It can solve the problem of what to do with the stuff when we decide to downsize, or if we have to pack up a deceased estate when a loved one has died. We don’t necessarily want to get rid of the furniture as it may not only have sentimental value but also monetary value if some of it is antique furniture, but we do not have space at home to store all the items. By hiring a storage unit we can keep this furniture for as long as we need to, and rest assured that it is safe and secure.

As a matter of fact, there are many instances when self storage can help. We may need to store seasonal goods until we need them again the following summer or winter.

If you are a business owner, you can even store your stock, inventory, paperwork, and equipment in a self storage unit instead of hiring a more expensive warehouse or office space.

At Stop & Store Lowestoft we have different sizes of storage units ranging from one small enough to accommodate a few files or a small heirloom to a large one that can store the contents of a 3 bedroom home. It is worth your while  to choose the right size storage for what you need to store, as you don’t want to pay for any extra square footage that you may not be using.

It Is All About the Packing

The secret to making sure that your goods remain undamaged in storage depends on how you pack them. Here are some hints and tips for you to follow to ensure that your goods stay in good condition even if you leave them in storage for the long term.

Prepare Your Storage Unit

  • It is better to pack your boxes and furniture onto a pallet or place a tarpaulin on the floor of your storage unit so that there is no danger of any moisture creeping up from the floor.
  • Invest in some portable shelving that is strong enough to store your smaller boxes. This will make it easier to keep your storage unit organised.
  • Sweep out and clean your storage unit before you bring your goods in.

Packaging Materials

  • Clear plastic boxes that are stackable are ideal for storage. You can easily see what is in each box, but they also seal to ensure that no pests or vermin can get into your stuff. Your storage facility may be able to rent you some of these boxes.
  • If you are using cardboard boxes, it is preferable to try and get new ones. Not only are they stronger and will keep their shape for longer, but they are also pest free. Used grocery boxes may have become infested with insect eggs while they have been lying around after being unpacked at the store. These will hatch in the dark conditions of a storage unit. These can wreak havoc with your belongings, books, and papers over time.
  • Get boxes of different sizes and when packing your stuff, make sure that you do not make your boxes too heavy to lift.
  • Strong tape to package up your boxes is a must. Bubble wrap and newsprint is useful for wrapping your crockery, glassware, and fragile items.
  • Use blankets and sheets to cover and protect your furniture pieces. You shouldn’t wrap wooden furniture in plastic as this can cause condensation which will allow mildew and mould to grow. This can cause damage to wooden furniture in particular.
  • Avoid packing your belongings in black plastic bags. These disintegrate over time, and you will find your stuff all over the place. You also cannot label plastic bags.
  • Remember to label your boxes in detail.

Some Pointers for Packing Your Storage Unit

  • Put the items you won’t be needing any time soon at the back of the unit.
  • Put heavy boxes at the bottom of a pile with the lighter ones at the top.
  • Don’t fill the floor space, rather use the vertical free space along the walls. This is where those shelves will come in handy.
  • Leave a ‘passage’ between your boxes so that you can access any part of your unit easily.
  • Pack mattresses flat if you can as if they are on their side they will lose shape when the stuffing drops down to the bottom.
  • Disassemble any furniture that you can to make it easier to pack.
  • Get one of those clothing rails on wheels to pack suits, dresses, jackets, and anything else that you can hang up.
  • Mirrors and paintings need to be packed up carefully and stored upright.

By following some of these tips you will hopefully be able to keep your storage unit organised, even if you have to leave your belongings in there for the long term.

Stop & Store Lowestoft – the Storage Facility That Can Help You

We have many years’ experience in the self storage industry, and we can help you when you need short or long term storage.

We do not have contracts to sign, and our units are clean and secure. We offer 24 hour monitored CCTV, as well as intruder alarms so you can be confident that your goods will be safe from theft.

Our state-of-the-art, fully automated operation system is focused on making your experience simple and efficient. Enquire, book, and pay online 24/7. Receive your individual PIN and you are good to go. Nothing could be simpler.

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