Finding extra space for storage at home or for your business is often a headache. When this happens it’s an easy problem to solve. It takes one phone call to Stop & Store. A portable container is the answer. This is the easiest way to get extra storage very quickly and easily at your house or your business as the portable storage unit is brought to you on the back of a lorry and offloaded where you want it.

This way you save the hassle of having to arrange and load a truck to take the load of goods you would otherwise have to store elsewhere.
At Stop & Store Lowestoft we bring the portable storage unit to you and drop it off at your door. If you are doubting the obvious benefits of using a portable storage unit, let’s consider why this is becoming such a popular storage method.

Our philosophy is to make the storage experience simple and easy, and to ensure that your needs as a customer are satisfied. Our research told us that most of the struggle with arranging storage is the hiring of the vehicle that is needed to take the goods from your home to the storage facility. Therefore, we decided to bring the storage unit to you, so that your self- storage was possible right at your own premises. By taking care of the difficult step in doing self-storage, namely the transport, we have helped make it a whole lot easier for our customers. From there you, as a customer, can decide if you would like to keep the portable container once packed or move it elsewhere, as we will explain later.

Our truck will deliver your portable storage unit wherever you choose. It could be your house, apartment, or commercial business. Even if you are a student at a campus, contractor on a construction site or a landscaper out on a project somewhere.

When Portable Storage is Particularly Useful

By having a portable storage container brought to your home or business, not only are you saving money by not having to hire transport, but you can now pack the container at your leisure, in your own time. In addition, it is near to you parked by the Stop & Store truck in a place that you have chosen. The advantages are numerous, and if you decide to hire a portable unit, you can arrange for our driver to return, collect it when full, and we can take it back to our storage facility and store it there.

In this way you still have sole access to your portable storage unit, and it’s out of your way.


  • For a business, a portable storage unit is like building a new storage facility instantly. Only difference is on loan for the time you need it. Our contacts are short (one month) or for as long as you need the unit. We solve your space problem immediately, and if you need a second portable storage unit once the first one is full, we will deliver another one straight away. There is no need to stress unnecessarily about such a simple self-storage issue.
  • If you are onsite as a construction company and need to secure your tools and equipment, and have them near to where you are working, then there is nothing more convenient than securely storing them in a portable self-storage unit.
  • Outdoor landscapers working remotely also benefit from hiring a portable self-storage unit, hiring one when they need it for all their plants, tools, and accessories.

Students and Travelers

  • For College students who need to vacate their dorm for a while and return home for a while, securing their possessions in a portable unit is the safest and simplest thing to arrange.
  • For those going on a long trip, traveling away from home, securing household or personal possessions in a portable container at home is the best way to clear space for incoming renters, or occupiers while away. This way, you have peace of mind about your possessions.


  • If you are relocating or moving to a new house, why not use a portable self-storage unit to do so. Arrange with Stop & Store to bring you the container for you to load and when you are ready, we will collect it and deliver it to the new house. Easy as that, and you can pack up in your own time without having to rent a truck. You also have control over the safety of your goods in the move, which is a bonus.
  • If you are creating a more favourable environment while staging your house for sale, you can store the clutter in a portable unit for the duration you have the house on show.

Think of the Hassle You Save

  • So, this is the hassle we save you:
  • Load only once, at your own pace, without pressure.
  • Reduce the possibility of damage of goods that may have occurred with a hired truck contractor you don’t know.
  • Have your goods secure but packed near you so you can get to them anytime you like.
  • Save money by not having extra labour and truck hire costs.
  • You can quickly arrange the extra space you need, no interruption to your routine or loss of business.
  • A portable storage unit is very compact and does not require a lot of space to accommodate it at your home or business.

In addition, you have the option of locating the portable storage unit on a spot you choose, exactly where you want it. We can drop it off, you load it, and we can collect it and take it back to our premises. When you need it again, call us and we will drop it off for you.

So, in future when you are faced with a storage conundrum, pick up the phone and call us at Stop & Store where we can arrange delivery at a time that is suitable to you.

Take all the hassle out of storage at a price you can afford.

Call us at Stop and Store at 01502 580005 or visit us at 92 Denmark Road Lowestoft, NR32 2EH