The way we live, work, study, and relax has changed profoundly due to COVID-19. What has this to do with self-storage? Because of these changes it has brought about on our lives we need to look at the way we use our homes in a different light, and we may need to think more creatively about self-storage.

The local economy of Lowestoft and surrounds has taken a backward step due to the pandemic. This has obviously had a detrimental effect on the entire community.

The toll this pandemic has had on people’s livelihoods has been terrible with many losing their jobs or taking pay cuts. Businesses and economies worldwide will take a long time to recover from this recession. We all have experienced life-style changes of not being able to work, go to school or travel freely.

The effects of the first stage of lockdown when we were confined to our homes with our immediate families at short notice was dramatic. Offices and schools closed meaning we had our family around us 24/7. We had to keep children occupied and ensure they followed school programmes. We also had to work from home, leaving many of us feeling overwhelmed and afraid of what the future may bring.

But these life changes may become permanent, certainly for the foreseeable future. We need to be resilient and adapt to the changes while finding innovative ways of coping with the upheavals.

Lockdown has Fueled Our Creativity.

Many of us have had to become inventive as to how we approach our new normal. We may have explored new ways of making a living or explored innovative ways to cope with the extra pressure of being at home. It may be that we have found a new hobby, started an old one again or started with new projects in our homes while we have had more time on our hands.

This extra time has given us a chance to reinvent ourselves. We can research new business opportunities while looking for gaps in the market which we may be able to fill left by businesses that have closed. It is almost as if the old road behind us is no more, so there is no looking back as the blueprint has disappeared. We have to look forward and grab any opportunities as they present themselves.

Establishing your Home Office

Let’s look how storage space can fit into the new way of doing business and help us create our future. The nature of how we run our businesses is changing and having a secure storage space to keep our extra belongings safely, is an appealing option.

Storage units have come into their own because they offer so many innovative applications for the new ways we have to consider when looking at work options. You can look at setting up your home office area by storing your excess furniture there, using a storage unit as an office, or as a depot for your new online business. Never has there been such a cheap storage option that offers so much flexibility as offered by Stop & Store Lowestoft, conveniently situated in your city.

Renting a self-storage unit can help you with the changing status of working from home rather than from a formal office. This is a reality faced by many of us in the present state of the economy.

  • Use a storage space for clearing out a home office

During the COVID-19 shutdown, while you were required to continue working from home, your workspace may have been the dining room table or a corner in the kitchen. Neither of these were ideal but you were reluctant to create a permanent workstation in case the end of lockdown was called, and your working life would go back to normal. But for many people this way of working has become permanent and it is the right time to turn a room in your house into a more formal home office. This room could be your spare bedroom which needs clearing out.

Organization is essential for a productive workspace, as is an orderly, uncluttered space. You may have to remove furniture and rearrange your new work room to make it a functioning office.

This is where renting a storage unit at Stop & Store Lowestoft will assist with these changes you need to make your home office work for you. You can store your furniture, clothing, and other extra items safely for as long as you need as our units are available for a month or longer. Our prices are competitive, and we have special offers available on some of our storage units, so please contact us for details.

  • Use the storage space as your office

You may find that working from home is difficult for you to remain productive, or you may have lost your job and decided to start a new business but are unwilling to enter into a long-term rental contract. Renting a storage unit and using it as an office, either as a temporary measure until your traditional office opens up again, or until your new business is up and running is something to consider.

This could be a perfect solution for your office requirements, as there are no long-term rental contracts to be signed, and the storage units at Stop & Store Lowestoft are situated in a well-maintained facility, protected by state-of-the-art security. If you require a meeting space you can always use a coffee shop nearby. Once you have rented one of our storage units you will have access to it any day of the year.

Stop & Store Lowestoft  is conveniently situated near the railway station in Lowestoft and can also service Oulton, Hopton on Sea, Kessingland, and surrounding areas. There is easy access to the units for convenient loading and off-loading. Our units, which vary in size from 12 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft., are modern, steel partitioned rooms which are clean, dry, and secure. Rentals are available from 1 month to as long as you need with no contracts. Make use of our Space Calculator if you are not sure how much space you need for storage, or contact us and we can assist you.

The storage facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV and intruder alarms. We offer a secure place for business or personal storage, accessible seven days a week.

Please contact us on 01502 580005 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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