Renting out your home or apartment can bring in much-needed cash. That is why many homeowners are choosing to rent out sections of their homes for the short term, or the entire house if they intend to be away for a year or two.

Ensuring that your property is rented out to responsible tenants is vital. After all, no one wants those tenants that trash your place and leave it in a poor condition. So, while making some money is a priority, the other priority is making sure that your belongings are protected. Renting a storage unit for those items that you wish to keep safe will go a long way to eliminating any potential issues with guests or tenants in your home.

There are ways of ensuring that your property is rented out quickly for a good rental while attracting desirable tenants and making sure that your belongings are protected too.

  1. You need to decide what to do with your belongings that you do not wish to leave in the house for the tenants to have access to. Renting a storage unit in a self storage facility that offers great security to store these items off-site will mean that your things will be protected even if you are not around.
  2. Your home or apartment needs to be prepared for tenants. People expect a clean, neat, and well-maintained space. Get the carpets cleaned professionally. If your home needs re-painting choose neutral colours to ensure that it is easy on the eye for prospective tenants.
  3. Check the curb appeal of your property. Make sure the outside lights work, the front door is freshly painted, and the front garden is in good shape. Garden paths should be swept, and any broken pavers replaced.
  4. If you are renting your property out as furnished just leave out the essentials to make the stay comfortable. This means removing your personal possessions and clutter, packing them up, and taking them to your storage unit. Clear these items away and only leave the large pieces of furniture behind. Rather offer a minimalist look to your tenants. Long-term tenants are sure to bring some possessions of their own to make the place more homely for them and are more likely to rent a place that is on the minimalist side.
    Any priceless antiques and paintings should be packed up and placed in your storage unit. You don’t want to risk any items of value being damaged. Most tenants do not want to feel responsible for someone else’s valuable furniture nor do they wish to feel as if they are living or holidaying in a museum.
  5. Do your homework before setting up a monthly rental. You need a market-related price, so research what rentals similar properties in your area are achieving.
  6. If you are looking for a long-term tenant, it is vital to get a month’s or two rental upfront as a deposit. If your property is for a short-term tenant looking for a holiday let, you are entitled to request a refundable breakage deposit.
  7. Screen any prospective tenants thoroughly. You need to find out their creditworthiness or if they have a criminal record, as well as some personal references before signing a lease with them.
  8. An agreement must be in writing and signed by both the tenant and the owner. This lease should clearly state in the terms and conditions what the monthly rental is and what is expected of you and your tenant with regards to the property, for example, who pays the utilities. It should also clearly state if the deposit is forfeited by the tenant if they decide to break the lease and leave early.
  9.  A much simpler way of renting your property out would be to go with a professional property agent as they would carry out the checks on a prospective tenant.

Why Using a Self Storage Facility Will Benefit You

It is important to have the flexibility of keeping your stuff in a self storage unit while renting out your property.

  • Guests want a rental space that works for their purpose and that is easy to live in and make themselves at home. They don’t want to be surrounded by your clutter. With a storage unit, your belongings will be stored out of harm’s way.
  • Moving your belongings to a storage unit will make your home feel spacious. Giving your short-term guests a good experience in your home will make them want to return to it again. They will leave good reviews for your property, which is the greatest marketing tool you can have.
  • If you are traveling somewhere far away you can enjoy yourself without worrying about what is going on with your belongings at home while you are not around. Once these items are in a storage unit, you need not worry as you would if they were still in your home at the mercy of strangers.

Stop & Store Lowestoft

Our self storage facility can solve any storage problem when you wish to rent your house or apartment out.

  • We know that the security of your goods is a priority, so our facility is protected by a CCTV system that is monitored 24/7. We also have intruder alarms as extra protection.
  • Our booking system is simple. Book and pay, and once we have received your payment we email you your individual PIN and you can start using your unit.
  • Our units are easily accessible for convenient loading and off-loading.
  • Our units, which vary in size from 12 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft., are modern, steel partitioned rooms which are clean, and dry, and will ensure that your goods remain free of mildew.  You are sure to find the perfect size for your storage needs.
  • Whether you need your unit for a month or a lot longer, we are flexible and can assist you. We do not require a deposit, and if you move your goods in or out during the month you pay a pro-rate.
  • Please check our website for reviews left by our customers.

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