Many successful businesses start at home, either in the garage or even around the kitchen table where ideas and plans are born. But when your fledgling business starts to grow and the paperwork begins to pile up or you need more space for stock and inventory, or for the tools of your trade, you will need to start looking for alternative premises. You may have a business that is growing at such a rate that you need more space to store your extra stock, having run out of space at your office or shop.

One of the solutions to this problem is to hire extra office space or a warehouse. If you decide to go this route, you will have a lease to sign, and a deposit to pay. You will be liable for any added costs such as electricity and municipal services over and above your rental, and these costs can quickly escalate and affect your cash flow. This can turn out to be an expensive and inflexible way to solve your storage problems. But another choice would be to hire a self storage unit such as the ones we offer at our storage facility at Stop & Store Lowestoft. In the long run this may work out to be much more affordable and in addition, offer the flexibility of only paying for the space you need and for as long as you need it. There are also no lengthy leases to be signed or deposits to be paid. In fact we are finding that our self storage units suit certain types of businesses very well as they offer the flexibility that the warehouse or office choice does not have, and they are becoming a popular choice for those businesses looking for a cheaper rental alternative.

Benefits of Renting a Self Storage Unit for Your Business

There are many instances where established or new businesses run out of space and would benefit from renting a unit in a storage facility. A self storage facility that is easily accessed, well managed and with good security could be the answer to your storage problems.

  • With more people working from home there is every chance that if you run a business that needs to store inventory, your space at home will be under pressure. By renting a self storage unit nearby you will take the pressure off you as you run out of space, and your goods will no longer be taking over your home.
  • Setting up a home office means having to  make space for your office equipment such as desks, printers, and filing cabinets. Clear out a room in your house such as a spare bedroom to house your office and store these items of furniture that are now superfluous, in a self storage facility. This way they will not be cluttering up your home and getting in the way of the people that you live with.
  • If you are working from an office or if you rent a retail store, your storage space for any extra stock and inventory may be limited, so by hiring a self storage unit you can clear up some room and keep your working environment uncluttered.
  • You may be in a business that is requested by law to keep paperwork for a few years, such as solicitors or accountants must, and this can take up valuable office space as well as making your working environment look untidy and chaotic. Even hiring a small storage unit will clear up space making it easier to keep your documents organised. You can safely keep papers for as long as you need to and be confident that if you ever need to find them, they are easily accessible.
  • If you work in an industry like plumbing, home improvement or garden maintenance, you need storage for tools and equipment, some of which can be bulky. These types of businesses do not necessarily need space for office equipment or paperwork, so a self storage unit to keep your tools and equipment from where you can run your business makes much more sense than keeping them in your garage or garden shed where they can easily get stolen.

What Stop & Store Lowestoft Offers You

It is clear that self storage is versatile and that there are many ways in which the use of a self storage unit can improve your efficiency and assist you run your business capably.

One of our self storage units at Stop & Store Lowestoft could be the perfect solution to solving the problem of where to store everything you need to run a successful business. Consider it as having your own storage space or warehouse away from your office or home. With your individual PIN access code you can visit your unit as often as you like during our opening hours and take stuff out or add things as you need to.

Our facility is well kept and protected by state-of-the-art security which includes monitored CCTV and an alarm system, so your equipment, stock or inventory will be secure. Access is controlled and the facility is well lit.

Once you have rented one of our secure storage units you will be able to access it any day during the year, weekends and holidays included. Our hours of business are 8am to 8pm. You can hire a unit for as little as a few weeks to as long as you need it.

We make hiring a self storage unit as easy as possible for you and you can carry out the entire process online. You can book your unit, pay for it and you will receive your unique PIN access code. Once you have this, you are ready to start storing your goods. If you are not sure of the size unit you need, use the space calculator on our website to make this easier for you. It is important to choose the right sized storage unit to keep your storage costs down.

If you would like more information about running your business from one of our units, please contact us on 01502 580005. We look forward to hearing from you.