Use a self storage unit for your seasonal items storage to make the most of your current living space.

Extra storage space at home is something we all look for. In the current economy where you’re paying a premium for every square foot of house, but you are still running out of space to keep your stuff, what are the options? Moving to a larger more expensive place is certainly not an option when finances are tight.

A solution to this space problem is to rent a self storage unit. This will allow you to maximise your space at home by getting those items that you only use for a few months of the year out of the way.

These items include clothing, patio furniture, camping equipment, sports equipment, and even seasonal décor items. 

This will allow you to reclaim precious space and will also reduce the clutter around your home. Renting a self storage unit for unused and seasonal items is a quick way to solve your lack of space at home problem.

Now is the time to put that bulky winter gear away for a few months.

Summer is here. This is the time of year to enjoy long evenings, sunny weather, and picnics! Recreational items such as camping gear come into their own. Dust off your patio furniture, barbeques, and fire pits, and start using them.

Before placing your winter seasonal items in your self storage unit, check through them first, decide which items you want to keep, and then donate or sell those that you will no longer need. Your storage costs are calculated per square foot, so it is pointless taking up storage space by keeping items that you no longer require.

How to Store Your Winter Goods – Tips from the Experts

Winter gear is expensive, whether it be clothing or sporting equipment, so it is important to make the effort to store it properly.

  • Clothes

    Wash or clean all clothing prior to storage, making sure that all items are properly dry. Dirty clothes will not only smell bad by the time you pack them out in a few months’ time, but they will also attract fish moths and other insects that will destroy them. Fold them neatly, and place them in boxes, remembering to label each box you pack.

  • Leather and Woolen Items

    Shoes, handbags, and jackets need special treatment before packing them away. If they are rubbed with a special oil they will be protected in storage as it will prevent the leather from drying out and cracking.

    Woolen clothing needs to breathe, so after having these items professionally cleaned pack them in fabric garment bags rather than plastic bags. Use cedar chips to keep moths and other insects away.

  • Winter Sporting Equipment

    This includes snowboards, skis, ice skates, and winter boots. Before placing them in storage make sure they are clean. Sharpen or sand the edges, apply wax to prevent drying out, and place them in their original bags if you still have those, or wrap them in sheets. Store skis upright and rest the ends on a soft surface such as a towel.
    Boots must be dry. Fasten and lace them up to maintain their shape.

Storing Summer Gear

Make sure you get the right-sized unit. There is no point in paying for space you don’t need, but it is frustrating to be stuck with a unit that is too small.

Your Garden

The activities that are enjoyed during summer at home include enjoying time spent outside in the garden and on the terrace if you are lucky enough to have an outside space.

Keeping the garden looking tidy, with the lawn cut, edges trimmed, and the paths and paving swept, takes effort. A lawnmower, edge cutter, leaf blower, and other tools that are used during the summer months are an essential part of the arsenal to keep these areas looking attractive.

Add to this furniture that is designed to be used outside, a barbeque, and play equipment for the kids, already there are many extra items needed to make our summers enjoyable.

These all need to be stored at the end of summer. Instead of packing them away into your garage how about hiring a self storage unit? Your goods will be safe for the months that they are not in use. There is also less chance of them being damaged if they are stored without being disturbed.

Camping Equipment

Camping is surely one of the most popular recreational activities that are widely enjoyed during the summer months. It is a relatively inexpensive way to experience the beauty of the country and visit those places that you have always wanted to see.

But camping equipment is costly, so once you have bought your gear you do not want to be replacing it each year when your stuff goes missing or is damaged because it is not stored properly. Not many people have the space to keep camping gear at home.

This is why it is worth considering renting a self storage unit during the off-season to store this costly gear. The goal is to keep it in the best possible condition so that when you need it next season you will find it all in one piece. So take some time to pack your stuff up properly to keep it in great shape until you need it again.

How Stop & Store Lowestoft Can Assist with Your Seasonal Storage Needs

  1. Our security measures are top of the range so you can rest assured that your expensive belongings will not be stolen while they are in our care. These  security features include 24/7 monitored CCTV as well as intruder alarms
  2. We offer a wide range of unit sizes so you can be sure that there is a self storage unit that will be able to accommodate anything that you wish to store.
  3. The units themselves are lockable steel partitioned rooms that are clean and dry. As well as external shipping containers.
  4. Our storage facility is clean and well-kept. Access is strictly controlled.
  5. We have many years of experience in the self-storage business. Please check for customer reviews on our website.
  6. Our facility is easily accessible to facilitate easy loading and off-loading.

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