An enabling environment for business is always a blessing and some towns and cities are particularly attractive environments for running a business. In many instances this is determined by the town or city’s location and proximity to trade.

Other key factors include the feel or atmosphere created by authorities, making it easier to do business, or opening the way to events and initiatives designed to promote business.

Lowestoft, as the most easterly town in England enjoys a particularly good access to sea, air road and rail and is well positioned with good infrastructure for businesses and the flow of goods and services in an out of the town.

Stop & Store Lowestoft is an important support storage facility for the storage of goods and the rendering of services in the town. Our self storage units provide a very convenient business storage service of entrepreneurs, trades persons, fashionistas, artists, collectors, and online businesses operating in the area.

How does self storage benefit business owners?

Storage to Help Business Owners 

The historical foundation laid over the years paves the way for a secure business environment in Lowestoft. Here, well established, large manufacturing companies bring economic prosperity and stability, with these employees providing jobs for many in areas such as food and drink and energy.

The burgeoning energy sector helps the town stand in good stead for future growth, and there are also many service spin offs that have been created.

The initiatives mentioned include the development of an Enterprise Zone, and a strong focus on skills development so that local employees are well equipped to drive the economy of the area upwards.

These also include the infrastructure enhancements of roads and the sea links of the port facilities and the rail network.

Those using self storage units for business storage are often emerging businesses or start ups that need a storage solution that is flexible and doesn’t commit them to a huge long term overhead. This is particularly important in uncertain economic times.

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture development in the area is stimulated by initiatives like the Heritage Action Zone and activities under the ambitious program of the Making Waves Together project.

Self storage plays an important role in the proper, secure storage of artworks and collectables. As many of these items carry high value, their safe storage is crucial. The fact that extra space provided by a storage unit is so convenient and the environmental conditions are well suited for their storage.

Not only that, but self storage is also particularly useful because works of art are prone to damage if they are not stored correctly.

A self storage unit’s range of sizes and shapes is well suited to the needs of artworks and collectables. Art should be stored upright which is a space efficient method of storage. This way also reduces the chance of dust and dirt collecting on the artworks. It also is a good way of protecting the artworks from having anything heavy being dumped on top of them thereby causing damage like sagging or tearing.

Light, particularly sunlight, is known to harm the artwork as it can cause cracking or fading. Light is not a factor in self storage as it can be regulated by the operator, thereby minimizing the possibility of exposure of the artworks to light.

Online Businesses 

The beauty of an online business is that it can run from anywhere. The advantage of self storage is that it is a universal service offered in most towns and cities. This is a great help for online businesses as it often solves the storage space problem faced by an online business.

In Lowestoft institutions like East Coast College contribute to skills and workforce development by working with local schools, colleges, and businesses to encourage entrepreneurs and improve employability, so helping with the human resource development in the area. IT skills are one focus area, which helps those seeking to set up an online business.

Food and Beverage

In a town that is known for its food and drink industry, correct storage of wine is also an important part of business storage. Investing in wine or storing for future use requires accurate record keeping. It’s essential to know what you bought, when, and when each bottle is best to be consumed.

Naturally if you have a wine collection, you’d want it stored optimally. This means it must be secure, and the atmosphere must be consistent.

Storing wine, for personal use or for business storage is often done in a self storage unit. This is because it offers complete security, as well as a dry and controlled environment for storage.

Versatile Business Storage 

Business storage covers a multiple of options, covering areas including areas around Lowestoft such as  OultonHopton On Seaand Kessingland. 

The business storage items range from construction materials to fashion items. The advantage of self storage is that it can be arranged very quickly when a business owner needs extra storage. This is particularly useful when there is a crisis and inventory has to be stored, a self storage unit will rescue the situation.

Given the versatile nature of self storage, there is little wonder that storage units are so well used for all types of business storage uses.

Why Stop & Store Lowestoft? 

As a businessperson having adequate storage space for inventory is essential. When setting up office or doing budgeting for an existing business, overhead expenses always need to be kept in line. Mostly the cost of warehouse rental is a big portion of those overhead expenses. Even then, inventory patterns could change according to seasonal requirements and extra space could be required.

Using self storage to solve this issue is a cheap storage option available for business storage needs. Stop & Store Lowestoft is well positioned to help businesses with their storage needs.

Safe, and dry, the storage units in our facility are monitored by CCTV cameras and are completely secure.

When next your business needs extra storage space, we are the answer.

Call us at Stop and Store at 01502 580005, or on or visit us at Great Eastern Warehouse, Denmark Road,  Lowestoft, NR32 2EH