As experts in storage and a Company that provides our customers with storage facilities, the subject of the storage of wines is one that especially interests us. This is because the way wine is stored has a major effect on the retention and improvement of quality and value of the wine.

If you are thinking of starting a wine collection, or you are already a collector, you will know that the issue of good storage is the most important aspect of a good cellar, as any errors in the ways wine is stored could easily lead to you losing some bottles in the process.

Let’s then start from the beginning to assist you in putting the correct storage conditions in place to make sure that your wines are given a chance to perform to their best in the bottle as they mature and improve in value.

At Stop & Store in Lowestoft storage is our focus, and while we aren’t a temperature-controlled facility, we have accommodated many clients that have removed clutter from their homes to make way for their cellars.

Let’s discuss some of the processes that we have seen will wor when you store your wines.

Collecting Wine: A Hobby or Investment?

Collecting wines is a great hobby that sometimes turns out to be a good investment. As wine is a tried and tested product that has been around for ages, its known for its value-adding benefits as good wine gets older. However, a lot depends on the way it is stored and of course the brand itself and the intrinsics of the variety involved.

Here are important things you should know to collect wine successfully.

Getting started

There is no best time to get started, but it would be an idea that you have some spare cash available so that you can buy in sufficient quantities to make a worthwhile cellar for yourself.

Before you buy, get your storage space organized for your new wines.

The ideal storage temperature for wines is between 10-15 degrees Celsius. A constant temperature is preferred, rather than one that has peaks and lows. Identify the coolest places in your house, such as the basement or the side facing north or away from the direction of the sun. The ideal place could be under the stairs, or in a dark, cupboard free of damp and mould. Either way, keep your wines out of the kitchen as this is where a lot of heat is generated.

Start with the wines you like or are familiar with. After all you are going to be drinking them sometime, so you know you will enjoy them. They may be from a region or winery that you have visited or wines you may have tasted at a wine tasting. We’d suggest that the wines you choose are across 5 or 6 regions to give you some variety. They should include whites, reds, rose and sparkling wines just to give you some depth in your cellar. Add a few sweet and fortified wines for special occasions.

How much Should You buy?

You are likely to have already done you research and have a good idea of what you will buy. But how much wine is necessary to stock a good cellar?

So, the space you will need should be enough to accommodate 1000-1500 bottle. As you are going to have a five-year plan for your cellar to reach that goal, we suggest you buy on average 300 bottles a year.

Put a record keeping system in place on your computer that allows you to record storage date, price, and tasting notes. This will allow your cellar stocks to keep growing and reach your target. Most wine collectors like to buy between 3 to 6 of the same wine at a time. This gives them the opportunity to sample a bottle when its young, then after 2-3 years and again when its more mature. Be sure to make notes of each one that you taste so that you have a record of the wine improving with age.

The goal of having a cellar is to enjoy the wines you collect. Collecting is ongoing, like a journey of discovery.

Importantly, keep records, so you know what you have in stock. Take the wines out of the boxes when you buy them and keep them in an orderly fashion in your cellar. Don’t let your cellar get out of hand and get disorganised, you may miss a wine when it has to be quaffed, and that would be a travesty.

How Long Should you Store your Wines for?

Some of the wines you will buy need not be stored for long and don’t need aging. Some only need to be stored for a year or two before they are ready to be enjoyed. Others may need to lie for more than 10-12 years.

Therefore, your storage is so crucial. Wines don’t like light, especially sunlight, and need a constantly cool environment.

The coolest pat of your cellar is the floor, so store the wines you are going to age low down, and the younger wines for early drinking higher towards the ceiling. Extreme cold conditions are also not good for wine, as this could cause corks to pop out or even bottles to crack.

When making space for your new cellar you may want to store any items in the way that are cluttering up your house. If so, call us and we can assist. We have storage units ranging from just 12 sq ft up to 200 sq ft. If  you want to see how big that is, the space calculator on our website  will  give you an idea as to how much can be stored in the different size units.

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