Your possessions can get ruined when a home renovation takes place if they are left in the home. Keep in mind that the minimum time required for an average renovation 5 weeks, there is ample opportunity for this to happen. Builders could be sitting on your couch when you not there, dust everywhere, and besides the fact that your belongings are in the way.

Stop & Store Lowestoft has the answer. By using one of our storage units you can save yourself a whole lot of unnecessary headaches during the renovation process.

There are so many logistics to consider when doing a renovation. Why make your household contents an additional problem? The simple solution is to store them in one of our storage units.

The great benefit of storage at Stop & Store Lowestoft is that you can hire a storage unit for a period that suits your needs, and if for whatever reason the renovation is delayed, you can simply extend it.

Renovations: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Ah, have you heard these words before?

So often we hear of a renovation that has run into unplanned hassles causing delays in its progress. There is always some sort of surprise that will occur. A lot of them are due to events relating to the building itself, needing more time and money to fix. Here are some to look out for:

Old plumbing and Electrics

Just about all old houses have the original plumbing and electrics that were installed when the house was built. Plumbers in those days used galvanized pipes, which over time accumulate deposits and eventually get clogged. While you are doing your renovation, no use doing half a job, so we suggest you budget for this, and use PVC pipes to replace the old pipes.

The original electrics also demonstrate wear and tear over time, and with the additional load from modern day electrical requirements it’s a good idea to invest in an upgrade of these as well. This will also give you peace of mind, knowing that you don’t have any faults in the house which could potentially become overloaded and even cause a fire.

Water damage

The unseen leaks and water seepage that occur in a house over time often manifest themselves when renovations take place. This is when walls are removed or roofs are thoroughly inspected, and there is evidence of mould, rotting or crumbling plaster.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this, and owners will have to drill down to the source of the problem and do some repairing before commencing the new renovation.

Bad workmanship

Often poor workmanship is discovered during a renovation. This may have been the work of a DIY’er that performed a patch up job before selling the house previously.

The bad news is that its not wise to build on a shaky foundation, so to speak, and its always better to knock it out and replace the shoddy workmanship.

Structural cracks 

Foundation faults and structural cracks are a nightmare for homeowners. When you hear this news, you are faced with a big problem. These are often caused by the soil substrate becoming unstable, or an inferior process used when the concrete was poured in the first place.

Whatever the issue it either requires and underpinning of existing foundations or repouring to create a stable base for your house. Not a pleasant thought.

So, Back to Storage Options.

There are a few options available.

Hire a storage unit

This is the best option. It is also the one that is most used during a renovation. The reason is quite clear. Its an inexpensive, convenient one. As a key holder to your very own self storage unit, you can access your unit as and when you like.

Your choice of storage company should be based on a few simple principles:

  • Easy access for offloading and reloading
  • Easy reach of where you live
  • Range of unit sizes offered
  • Security and monitoring of the storage unit
  • Cost and length of commitment to hiring the unit

At Stop & Store Lowestoft we offer the best of everything: we are in town, our units range from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft. they are securely monitored by state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, at prices that are exceptional. Not need to sign a long contract either, its month on month.

Finding Space in the House to Store

The second option may be one that you choose for cost purposes. However, squashing everything into vacant space in your house, or asking a friend or relative for space isn’t necessarily the right thing to do.

Firstly, our experience is that your possessions are never fully guaranteed to be safe from dust and being ruined during the renovation.

Secondly, imposing on someone else could well cause bad blood and damage relationships. This is because renovations notoriously never are finished in the time frame originally indicated.

Best avoid these two, it will save you headaches later.

A Few Useful Tips for Storage During Renovation

To get some order into your storage remember to label the boxes clearly. This will save you a lot of trouble locating things and unpacking when life returns to normal.

Decide which of your goods you won’t be needing, like furniture or seasonal items, and store them towards the back of the unit.

Give yourself some accessibility in the self storage unit by making pathways and not just packing to cram the unit. Of course, make sure you choose a unit of sufficient size in the first place.

Storage answers when Renovating 

Instead of stressing about all your valuable possessions, worrying about what to do with them and how to protect them during your renovation, simply call us. Here at Stop & Store Lowestoft we will safeguard them for you while you get on with the job of creating a new look for your house.

They will be easily accessible, allowing you to come for any of them 24/7 if you need anything in your storage unit.

Just place them into storage and they will be completely safe and dry.

Look out for our special deals on our units. It is also easy to upgrade if you need more space. Stop & Store Lowestoft are your partners in self storage.