In the storage business, we know how important it is to be organized. Whether goods are stored in a warehouse, at home, or in one of our units, the better they are packed the easier it is to access them. Getting things arranged in an organized fashion is critical as it will determine how fast you can find them again, how they are preserved in the process of storage, and how the storage configuration is laid out.

This of course requires some amount of pre-planning and expertise to put everything in place successfully.

Why is this principle important? It’s one that applies to us in life. When things we as individuals are organized, things go right, we are confident, we achieve goals. But that implies that we have set goals in the first place. Once we have goals, we can plan for them and implement them with success.

Following a year of confusion, all of us would have liked to move on into a new year with hope and resolve that the next year is going to be much better. The lessons we have learned stand us in good stead and most of us have adapted accordingly. That’s human nature and the resilience we have.

So, now is a good time to look at setting goals for ourselves. This is different from new year’s resolutions, which are often a fleeting bunch of hopes on one’s wish list that aren’t ever followed through. Goal setting requires a whole lot more discipline to be effective which we will see later.

What Does Goal Setting Achieve?

Are you a goal setter or a new year’s resolution wish person?

Let’s explore the difference. Goals are designed to give one a definite purpose, and targets we desire to reach in a given time. Mostly they fall into the reason why we live and what we hope to achieve in our lives. By setting goals they give us something to aim for, a specific collection of self-improvements we want for ourselves.

Not everyone is a goal setter. Perhaps those that aren’t are not aware of what goal setting is about. It’s for sure not about wishing for something. Goals are there to give you something to aim at, a purpose in life. Setting goals help you go forward, knowing what you want to achieve: it’s planning for yourself. Consider the opposite: with no goals you are not in control of your life, seemingly you are just prepared to go with the flow, often being a pawn, helping someone else achieve their goal.

Goal setting helps achieve a range of objectives. These often include health and fitness-related targets, career advancements, educational improvements, and ultimately financial well-being. We may know we want a better job for instance, and goal setting helps pave the way for you to get there.

Once you have set your goals immediately a feeling of self-satisfaction will set in as you will have committed yourself to the direction you want to take.

Here are a few tips to guide you through.

  • It doesn’t matter how high you raise the bar, it’s OK, just align them to your overall purpose in life. This means that you should be true to yourself and what you believe in.
  • Once set, you may have times when you doubt yourself. In this case, refer to the goals, they are your pointer to the direction you have chosen.
  • You may encounter setbacks in the process of attaining your goals or get lost along the way.  Refer to your goals to get back on track.
  • Reduce the overall goals to smaller ones with activities to break your goals into easier to manage portions.
  • By having realistic goals, you can keep your expectations manageable and maintain focus.

How to Put Your Goals into Practice

To keep your goals at the forefront of your mind all the time, they need to be visible to you. This will help you make progress with them every day. Undoubtedly you will have several different goals which you have to manage as you go. How do you balance them and keep them all progressing forward?

As these goals will involve just about all the areas of your life, you would want them all to succeed simultaneously.

Therefore, you will need a plan. In the same way that a successful company has a detailed business plan for its employees to work to, so would you have a personal plan for yourself.

By writing your plan you will have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

Be aware that when you start implementing your plan you

  • Will encounter difficulties and obstacles
  • Experience delays and unexpected challenges
  • Have opposition to your ideas from detractors

It’s imperative that you stay focused and strong.

Keep your goals handy and review them daily. Review every week and kickstart the next phase with new targets.

Share your goals with someone you can trust, it will make you more accountable to deliver on your goals. It is like having a gym instructor that helps you at the gym.

Your goals should also be meaningful to you in such a way that they deliver on the purpose of your life. This will bring you self-satisfaction and enjoyment while you go about working on your goals.

Setting Our Goals at Stop & Store

At Stop & Store Lowestoft we have goals that are designed to ensure that we are the best in the storage business. This involves goals to provide our customers with the best service and a storage facility and experience that is the best there is. These goals are there to ensure that you as a customer are happy with our service. As with many businesses we comply with the social distancing rules and can help you view our facility online. This allows you to see a self-storage unit virtually and to visualize the different sized units available. Not only that but you are able to see what can be stored in a particular unit and book online when you are happy.

At Stop & Store Lowestoft we aim to exceed your service expectations with warm, friendly, and professional staff.

Our goal for 2021 is to be the best in self-storage, so if you need safe secure storage, give us a try.

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