More and more of us are taking holidays locally as the pandemic has meant that large parts of the globe where traditionally we travelled to have remained closed to tourists and travellers. This has been hugely beneficial to our local economies and businesses which have cashed in on this influx of visitors exploring the sights and attractions of our own country.

If you are in a position where you have extra space in your home, or you are able to turn your entire home into an Airbnb, you can take advantage of this trend and make some extra cash. So whether your spare space is an extra bedroom or an entire house, you can become part of the Airbnb community and what is known as the sharing economy. You will be joining millions of households across England and the rest of the world.

However, there is a lot more to hosting strangers in your home than just advertising online and hoping for some visitors. First of all, you will need to declutter your home, make sure that it is safe, and present it in such a way that it is attractive to visitors. By making sure that your space attracts positive reviews will ensure a stream of happy guests.

Where are you going to store all this stuff? This is where Stop & Store Lowestoft can assist you. Storing your personal belongings with us offers an easy solution as to where to keep stuff while you prepare your home for operating as an Airbnb.

It is worth carrying out some research on other establishments in your area to see what they offer so that you can be competitive in your pricing and in the amenities you offer.

How to Go About Setting up Your Home

Decide who your target market is. Is it a family? Or maybe a business traveller? Or single tourists? You can now plan the space to fit the visitors you wish to attract. A business person will need desk space. A family will need different spaces for a couple.

Attracting paying guests takes more than just providing the basics. Imagine yourself in their shoes and consider everything they may need during a stay to make it as pleasant as possible. Move all personal family photos and ornaments that make your home your private space so that guests won’t feel that they are visitors, but rather they can relax in a space.

Clearing the general clutter and leaving surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom clear and spotlessly clean is a must. You will have to clear out closets so that the guests have space for their clothes. Everyone needs space to charge appliances so make space for this.

  • Guests expect their accommodation to be equivalent to a hotel’s, so they look for a neat, clean, uncluttered environment. So any clutter will have to be cleared away. This applies especially to any furniture items or ornaments that may be valuable. Guests are not as careful with your possessions as you are, so anything like these must be packed up and removed. A unit in a self storage facility is the perfect place to store these items as they will be safe, but you will still be able to access them at any time.
  • Choose simple furniture pieces that you are not sentimentally attached to. These are easily replaceable if they get damaged or stained.
  • Make your guest’s stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible by equipping your house with those thoughtful extra touches. Extra towels, good linen, and cosy blankets will hopefully elicit some positive reviews from guests. Leave basic toiletries in the bathroom, as well as cleaning materials.
  • Many people use Airbnb because they want to be able to prepare their own food. So supply enough kitchen utensils and electrical appliances to make this possible. These should be in good condition. Leave basic food items such as seasonings, sugar, tea, coffee and even a jug of milk for your guests’ use.
  • Wi-Fi and a TV are considered essentials by most people, so make sure to be connected. A selection of board games and cards may also be appreciated.

How Stop & Store Lowestoft Will Solve Your Storage Problems

Once you have decided to start an Airbnb using either your entire house or just parts of it, you will need to clear out some of your personal items and store them. Here are some reasons for considering our facility as a solution to your storage problems.

You can rest assured that your goods will be safe. Our self storage facility is fully secured with monitored 24/7 CCTV and intruder alarms. When you need secure storage our self storage facility is that place where your goods will be safe from theft. Our facility is well maintained, clean and well lit.

Our booking system is simple. Book and pay online from your mobile or laptop, we email you your individual PIN and you are good to go. Our units are easily accessible for convenient loading and off-loading. If you need it, we have a trolley available to make your move simpler. Ask us about our stackable plastic boxes which are ideal for keeping your goods safely.

Our units vary in size from 12 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft. and are modern, steel partitioned rooms that are clean, dry, and will ensure that your goods remain free of mildew. Our large units are big enough to accommodate the contents of a three-bedroomed home.

Whether you need your unit for less than a month or a lot longer, we are flexible and can assist you. We do not require a deposit, and all we need is two weeks’ notice before you move out.

Please check our website for reviews from our clients.

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Tel: 01502 580005 for more information. We are ready to assist you when you need any storage problem solved.