Storage is only something that concerns us when we run out of space to keep our belongings. Noticeably, older homes have much less storage space than their modern counterparts, as people in those days had less possessions, especially clothing, so they didn’t need large cupboards and dressing rooms. A small wardrobe and a chest of drawers normally did the trick. Kitchens were smaller with fewer cupboards, as households did not have as many kitchen utensils and appliances. But now we have more possessions, and these all need to be kept somewhere. Our modern homes reflect this by having extra cupboard space because having enough storage space for our stuff is something everyone looks for when moving to a new home or apartment.

Self storage facilities such as ours at Stop & Store Lowestoft are an option to consider when your storage space at home is at a premium. There are many instances why you would need extra storage space when your home is running out of storage capacity. When you are contemplating clearing out spaces in your home, you are sure to have a pile of stuff you need to keep safely out of the way until you have decided what to do with it.

Why You Need Extra Storage

There are many reasons why people need to organise extra storage for their belongings.

  • Your circumstances have changed, and you need to downsize your home. You may be considering retirement and need a smaller place that is easier to maintain. Or your children may have left home and you find yourselves rattling around a home that is too large and expensive to maintain. You may have recently lost a partner through death or divorce, and your circumstances have changed. These are all instances when decisions regarding your possessions have to be made. Instead of making rushed decisions about what to keep or what to get rid of, give yourself some time and put any furniture and belongings in a self storage unit. This is a great option in that you can store stuff for as long as you like while you sort your personal life out.
  • If you are redecorating or renovating your home, instead of crowding your furniture into every available space and making an already stressful and messy situation even more so, consider hiring a self storage unit for a short-term rental of a month or two while the work is carried out. Your furniture will remain safe from being chipped and scratched by careless tradesmen, as well as from getting covered in dust and spattered with paint. The beauty about hiring a self storage unit is that you can keep it for as long as you need it, and you can rest assured that your precious belongings will be safe and secure.
  • When opportunities to travel open up again, there are many people who will have that trip of a lifetime they will wish to undertake. As the world opens up again, opportunities to take a few months off to visit a destination on their bucket list are sure to present themselves.  If you are planning to be without a permanent address for a while, the easiest way to prepare for this trip will be to place all your belongings in a storage unit when you vacate your accommodation. This way you will ensure that your stuff will be kept safely for your return. The same applies if you get a work opportunity abroad. Instead of storing your belongings with friends, make sure that it is kept safe and in good condition while stored in a self storage unit.

Keeping Stored Items Safe

Here are some of the most commonly stored items, and some tips on how to pack them so that they remain undamaged.


Storing your furniture carefully will pay off as it is expensive to replace. Wrap blankets or use cushions to protect wooden furniture from scratching and denting. Place a tarpaulin or wooden pallets on the floor of the unit to prevent any moisture from reaching your furniture. Store tables on their heads after they have been wrapped in something to protect the wood. Sofas should be stored on their legs, and mattresses flat so that the stuffing doesn’t sag and cause them to become misshapen. Take apart those furniture items that are collapsible. Use drawers as storage space. Use pillows and cushions to protect your furniture, and blankets and other bedding to wrap items in.


Make sure that your appliances are clean and dry before you store them. Keep them upright and wrap them in sheets to protect against scratching and denting. Wrap glass shelves and panels in bubble wrap to protect them. If possible, leave the doors of your fridge slightly open to allow air circulation and avoid that musty smell when you finally unpack.

Electronic equipment

These are expensive to replace so need to be stored carefully. Where possible, pack them in their original boxes. Keep wires and accessories together with the relevant appliance. Store TV’s upright and wrap all your equipment in blankets to protect them. Use strong boxes to store your computer monitors, keyboards, modems, etc., and be careful how you stack these on top of each other.

Books, Photographs, Papers

The key to safe storage of these is that there must be no chance that moisture could get into your boxes, or no pests like moths, which could cause much damage to your precious things. Place them in plastic boxes to keep them safely. If you are storing DVD’s, or any other types of media, these plastic boxes will keep them safe from damage.

Stop & Store Lowestoft

  • We understand that your possessions are important to you, financially as well as having sentimental value. That is why our facility is fitted with top-of-the-range security system. Besides for locks on each unit, our facility is protected with monitored CCTV, intruder alarms as well as 24/7 manned security.
  • We offer both long term and short-term rentals with no long-term commitment.
  • Book online using our easy system whereby you book and pay online, we send you your personal PIN, and you are good to start using your unit immediately.
  • Our hours of business are 8am to 6pm, every day including weekends, for your convenience.