Storage facilities are gaining in popularity all over the UK. No longer are they the dark and dingy rooms situated in a dodgy neighbourhood where you wouldn’t consider risking the storage of your precious belongings. Now they have come into their own with modern, well-lit units with top security features where you are able to store even your most valuable belongings with minimum risk. In fact the UK has the most storage per person of any of the European countries and has about 40% of the European market. So there is a very good awareness and acceptance of self-storage facilities in the UK.

Storage facilities have been able to remain open during the past 18 months during the Covid-19 pandemic although travel restrictions have meant fewer visits to the sites. But this hasn’t stopped demand. This demand has been attributed to more people carrying out home improvements which require temporary storage space, house sales picking up resulting in growing demand for storing belongings between moving out of and into a new house, and even from the smaller retail outlets who need more space for additional stock as they expanded their online sales.

What do you need from a storage facility?


This is one of the most important features when looking at storage facilities. It is imperative that a facility has in place modern security features to ensure that all goods stored in the units are safe from being stolen. Facilities such as Stop & Store Lowestoft offer top security features including CCTV surveillance, intruder alarms, and a well-lit perimeter as well as electronic access.


Some people will need access to their goods more often than others, so check the hours that your chosen facility is open. Some are open during the daytime, while others offer access at all times, even over weekends and holidays.


Storage facilities that are central to the town centre, or easily accessible by road will be a top priority for some clients, depending on what they wish to store. A retail operation in a shopping centre, for example, who needs to store excess stock will look for a storage facility very close to the centre, while someone who is storing their goods while they travel overseas for a few months or years will be happy with a facility further away.

Other Appropriate Features.

These can include drive-up access for easy loading and unloading. But if the goods to be stored do not need this easy access, an inside unit may be suitable and could even work out cheaper.


This will be high up on the list of must-have features, and storage facilities that are well maintained with regular cleaning will keep not only dirt at bay, but also unwanted visitors such as pests and insects out. All of these can cause damage to stored goods. It is a good idea to inspect an empty unit before you commit to a storage facility.

Efficient operating system.

While the Covid-19 pandemic is with us, the storage facilities that offer an easy, simple operating system with minimum human contact have proven to be popular. Our state-of-the-art operating system at Stop & Store Lowestoft offers our clients the opportunity to book and pay online. As soon as your payment is received, you will be sent your individual access PIN code, and you can move your goods into your unit straight away. It couldn’t be safer or simpler.


Storage facilities offer a cost-effective way of storing your goods safely. Stop & Store Lowestoft offer different specials so check our website for the latest ones.


Potential customers will check reviews left online as we use these to help us make the decision about which facility to use. It is important, therefore, for storage facilities to keep their businesses up to scratch to retain those positive reviews. As we all know, a series of bad reviews can be the death knell for any business.

How to Make the Most of Your Storage Facility

Here are some ways you can organise your storage unit so that it works for you. The more planning you put into how you pack your goods and how you place them in your unit, the easier it will be to find that item you need in a hurry without pulling every box apart.

  • The most important thing to remember is to label every box in detail as you pack. Plan your packing so that your belongings are grouped in a logical manner. Instead of just labelling a box from the kitchen, try and put a bit more detail as to what is in the box. The same for your clothing, so if you need to find a winter jacket for example, you can find it easily.
  • Pack items you will not need in the foreseeable future at the back of the storage unit, place heavy boxes at the bottom of the pile with the lighter boxes on top and leave a ‘passage’ between piles of boxes to make access easy. This may mean hiring a larger unit, but it will make your life easier in the long run as it will allow you to plan the layout.
  • Create a master contents list, especially if your goods are going into storage for a long time otherwise it is easy to forget what you have, and where you packed it.
  • Print out this list and put it up in your unit so you know the details of what each box contains.
  • It is not advisable to pack your stuff in plastic bags. These are not strong enough and will collapse after a while leaving your belongings lying all over the place. You also cannot label these plastic bags properly.

Stop & Store Lowestoft

Stop & Store Lowestoft is ideally located for easy road access. Load and unload your goods with ease.  We have different size units for you to choose from and we run specials on rates which you will find on our website.

We are proud of our reputation so please read reviews left by our customers on our website.

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