Many of us find ourselves with the problem of full garages, garden sheds, attics or basements cluttered with things we only use occasionally. Often this is gear that we only use seasonally.

As households become more cluttered, storage space becomes an issue, particularly when you want to get something new and there is nowhere to put it.

At least half the possessions in a house are only used occasionally, and many of these are seasonal things that come out when the weather turns, or when it’s a festive or holiday season.

This is when you need to look at self storage options offered by Stop & Store in Lowestoft. It is a cheap option to solving storage problems. It’s a safe and sure way to put seasonal items into storage when you are not using them.

It’s also a great way of making yourself a whole lot of extra space at home too.

It’s the Time of The Season

At Christmas we will be inspired to dress warmly for winter and decorate our homes in a fashion that is commensurate with the festive spirit. All the Christmas decorations and ornaments will be taken out of storage for the Christmas tree and to decorate the house, garden, and surrounds.

You are sure to have packed them away since the last Christmas and as you unpack them, you are likely to find some which have been damaged when not stored properly.

The same goes with any skiing equipment that may have been packed away after the past ski holiday. This expensive equipment should be stored securely so that it does not get damaged while waiting for the next ski holiday.

At the same time the summer gear needs to be packed away until the following summer season. Often space becomes a problem.

In this instance it’s a great idea to put the seasonal items into storage for safety as they won’t be needed for the next few months, at least.

Storing Summer Goods and Equipment

No doubt you will be about the best way of storing seasonal items until the following spring. These are likely to include:

  • All your gardening tools and equipment such as garden hoses, lawn trimmers and mowers as well anything that you won’t be needing during the long cold winter months.
  • Before you store them, give your equipment a thorough clean, oil if necessary, and pack them up for storage.
  • Then, take them to your storage unit for safekeeping as you will not be needing them for the next few months. A good tip is to put all the loose items like rakes, brooms etc. into a bucket or drum and keep them upright. It ‘ll save tons of space this way. Besides which they will be easy to access if you need them.
  • All the summer holiday goods, like boating equipment, camping equipment, diving gear, surfboards and paddle skis are probably not going to be needed. As these large items are expensive and easily spoilt if left outdoors or not stored properly, self-storage will be the answer to keep them safe until next spring.

Storing Winter Goods and Equipment

Then there are winter items that may need storage like:

  • Ski equipment, sleds, or skates for those of you that love the snow and what it offers.
  • Carefully pack up your Christmas decorations such as your trees, lights, and wreaths.

Storing Clothes, Summer or Winter

It’s especially important to know about clothes storage to ensure that they come out in the same condition after storage. Here are some useful tips:

  • Never store dirty clothes, and after they have been washed ensure that they are completely dry. Mouldy and damp clothes will start to smell and could even attract undesirable pests.
  • The same applies to shoes which should be clean and dry when stored.
  • While you may be tempted to vacuum seal your clothes, this is not a good idea. As clothes are made from natural fibres, they need air circulation to prevent them from deterioration. It may also cause excessive wrinkling if stored this way for any length of time.
  • One of the best receptacles for storing clothes is a plastic bin. The nice thing about plastic bins is that you can store them on top of each other, and they keep your clothes in a safe condition. This means that they will remain dry and safe from any moisture seep or absorption through the air.
  • Never store clothes in plastic bags, this is not a good thing to do. Plastic is known to deteriorate and one day you will find all your clothes in a jumbled mess, something you would want to avoid at all costs.
  • Keeping a list of everything is standard practice, but we remind you anyway, as you may want to access something in the storage unit for an occasion.
  • Its advisable for each family member to have their own storage bin for their clothes so that things don’t get mixed up.
  • A wheeled clothing rack is an extremely useful thing to hang clothes on, as it keeps your clothes from crumpling. It is ideal from items like jackets, coats, dresses, and suits. Keep them protected in a garment bag, which is a very cost effective way of protecting them and keeping them wrinkle free. Ideally use some mothballs or pheromone strips to discourage the moths or insects from coming near your clothes.

The great thing about Stop & Store Lowestoft is our accessibility and range of storage solutions we offer you. The fact that you can store your seasonal items safely and inexpensively will give you so much extra storage space at home.

With our units varying in size from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, you can choose the size you need. The units are safe, dry, pest controlled and a perfect place for the storage of clothing, sporting goods, gardening tools, Christmas decorations and seasonal items that are in the way. The fact that we don’t bind you to a contract is an added advantage. You can hire storage space from 1 month to whatever period you need, and even up or down grade unit size as you need.

Stop & Store Lowestoft is conveniently located at  92 Denmark Rd, Lowestoft NR32 2EH, United Kingdom

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