Unfortunate events happen in our lives that cause us distress and create problems for us. Of these is having to uproot where we live as a result of a change in home circumstances. Those that have experienced it will tell you its not easy to deal with sometimes.

The situations could either be joyful, like the birth of a new baby, or moving in together with your partner, or unpleasant, like going through a divorce, or having to downsize, or sell your house for whatever reason.

When faced with having to move your possessions out of the house to make space for the baby or because you are relocating, you often think of selling everything as a solution.

In fact, this isn’t the solution, because you will regret having done so at a later stage.

Moving In together

Two people deciding to live together is likely a sign that they are elevating their relationship to another level, and it’s a happy moment.

Testing the relationship may take a while to see if you are compatible, and often there is a lot of give and take to accommodate each other’s tastes, likes and dislikes. One such disagreement that could arise is which of the joint possessions to keep. Clearly the new house cannot accommodate all the items from two households.

Before you get rid of everything, again, it’s wise to keep them until you know things are on the right track relationship-wise.

So, why not follow the wise words and hold onto them until you know for sure, because the alternative would be to sell everything and then you have to replace them again if things don’t work out. This is when self storage is the solution. Its costs effective, safe and your “insurance” just in case you need them.

Self storage and a new baby

When the news is announced that a new baby will be born into the world, it’s a time for celebration and preparation. Getting the new nursery going is an extremely exciting task for the new parents.

It’s always advisable to get going soon into the pregnancy as the preparation will take a while. Most often a room will need to be dedicated to the new baby. This would mean that one of the existing rooms, such as the guestroom would have to be cleared out.

Clearing would require you to store the contents somewhere. The best place naturally is self storage. It is the easiest option as there is no point in cluttering your home further with these things.

Of course, your baby will be needing these items at a later stage for the room, like a wardrobe, bed and desk. It’s surprising how quickly they grow up!

At the same time, it’s an idea to store any furniture or ornaments that would be hazardous to the new baby as he starts to crawl around in the house.

Divorce or separation

Sometimes marriages don’t work out, and divorce is the inevitable ending. When this happens one or both will have to move out.

What happens then to the household possessions? During the immediate time after the divorce, arrangements must be made, sometimes for the property you have lived in, and you may need to find a new place to move to.

Conversations about the assets also cause friction, and often someone must intervene to decide on the outcome. A great way of accommodating a household of furniture is to put it into self storage. This gives the parties time to resolve issues. This is especially true if the house has to be vacated.

The peace of mind of having your possessions safely stored is assured. Not only that self storage offers short duration rentals, varying size options and excellent security.

You can come and go with ease and collect anything that is in storage anytime.

Downsizing for retirement

As people head for retirement, they look for a place to retire. These retirement homes are considerably smaller than they have been used to. The children have moved out long ago, yet the family home is full of furniture, sentimental possessions and fond memories from years gone by.

While the children may take some furniture off their parents’ hands, the balance of the household will need to be dealt with.

Of course, downsizing doesn’t only apply to the older generation, and in the current economic climate, there are homeowners being forced into smaller accommodation units.

Whatever the case, downsizers may choose to sell their furniture or hang onto it for some time in the future when they may need it.

It appears to be something people regret when they must sell their long-held possessions, always hoping that they will find a use for them or give them to some family member to inherit. Mostly the replacement value is much higher that what could be realized from a sale of secondhand household goods.  So, there is an economic issue at stake too.

In many cases self storage is the best option, to give the owners time to decide what to do.

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