A large house takes a lot of maintenance. As owners get older, keeping a large property becomes even more of a difficult task especially for over 65-ers. As time goes on the children leave a house which used to be full of activity, and the house gets too big for two people. A big house is also money tied up. Little wonder that older people reach the point when they look for ways to downsize.

While looking at options for moving to a smaller house, the problem faced is that the current house is full of possessions that have sentimental meaning and value. As young people often are unable to take over these possessions immediately, due perhaps to economic circumstances, the dilemma emerges of what to do with them.

Parents would want to get some money out for their large property, to release some equity to take a well-earned world trip, or to gift their children to avoid inheritance tax. The process of downsizing can be a stressful one indeed.

Where to Downsize to?

Retirement homes are fine options, and although they are in huge demand and short supply, most people who downsize will choose to stay in their communities close to their old home.

The reason for this is quite simple: their family is likely to be nearby and their friends are there.

Retirement homes have much smaller accommodation units. They are social, and offer amenities like a clubhouse and frail care, while their stairways and surfaces are old-age friendly.

One of the biggest hurdles is what to do with your household goods. Many downsizers don’t let this conundrum get them down. The solution is simple and easy. It’s called self-storage and the benefits are many and inexpensive.

Stop & Store Lowestoft is conveniently located in town and provides easy access for storage of household goods and is a great option to consider.

Packing up.

Most older homeowners have more than thirty years’ worth of possessions in the family home. It will be impossible to find a place for everything in the smaller property. If the children don’t immediately take what they want, you will have to give a lot of thought to how to tackle the next steps.

Some would say that its bad to keep things just for the sake of keeping them. However, there will be many things in the family that you would want to keep and are not replaceable. Circumstances don’t always allow you to move them straight into an alternate place like your daughter’s house. This is where self-storage is most useful. It gives you a breather and takes the pressure off.

For the rest, trash what you really don’t need or haven’t used for the last year. Visualize your new home, it’s going to be much smaller, and in your mind place the items where they are going to go when you move. In this way you will know what’s left over.

Definite Clear out Items

  • Clothes and linen

We all stand accused of keeping clothes that are old “our favourites” that we slop around in and shoes that we last wore at a wedding five years ago. This list is endless, but you get the drift. And then there is linen that is old, (perhaps even your parents’) that is never used. Well its time for these to go, they have little use for the two of you in your new house.

  • Broken furniture

Mr DIY did you forget to fix it? Most garages are filled with good intentions, and if you are one of those, then now’s the time to get your junk removal company to haul away the junk including broken furniture and get a clean start.

  • Outdated electronic equipment

There are usually plenty of outdated DVD’s and old recorders that used to work simply fine but have been rendered obsolete with the advent of better technology. Time to turf these out as you’ll need the space in your new home.

  • Kids’ stuff

The days of kids stay overs may be over and holding onto some bunk beds “just in case” and toys that will never be used again is just being sentimental. It’s hard to do this we know, but if you donate these to a worthy cause, think of the joy you’ll be bringing to someone else!

  • Cleaning supplies

This may sound familiar, when you look in the cupboard there are sure to be lots of half empty containers even some empty bottles. Well, take one of each that you are using and put them into a bucket to take with you. For the rest: junk them.

  • Kitchen appliances

You are not alone if you have some kitchen appliances at the back of the cupboard that don’t work. Maybe that blender which your husband destroyed making smoothies from a tough pineapple? Sound familiar? Well throw them away, there’s no use for them anymore.

  • Reading materials

Old magazines and papers, books and other reading matter gets outdated quickly. Not only that, if there something important you need to cross reference, you can probably get it online. So, clear them out, they are not worth taking with you.

  • The garage junks

The new home is likely to have a smaller garage than you are used to. This is an ideal time to get organized so get all your tools together to pack up in an organized way to be able to lay out your garage in an orderly fashion. You will be amazed how much excess junk ends up in a garage!

  • The garden shed.

Chances are you that won’t have a garden shed in the new place. In this case you may want to put everything in storage while your children or whoever you’d like to have them make arrangements for them.

Final Thoughts 

It’s said that you when are moving into a new home, you should not be regretting moving out of your old one. By downsizing your aim is to improve your life in terms of relieving the pressure of maintaining a large house. Take due consideration of keeping your social circle near, the new place’s amenities and activities that happen there. Of course, your family relationship is most important, and the bonus is the equity that will be released.

Lastly never regret having to dispose of your long held possessions quickly (although some would say decluttering brings happiness). Rather keep them until you know for sure what you’d like to do with them and give the family time to take them.

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