If a garage is not well organized, it can become very congested in a short space of time. Originally designed to house cars, the garage often becomes a place where unused and unwanted household items end up being stored. And this is OK if they are packed and stored properly. A garage offers a lot of storage space, and even when one or more cars are parked in there, the three walls and its high elevation should be used to maximum effect to get the most out of the storage it offers.

We at Stop & Store Lowestoft are fortunate to be able to take a leaf out of the books of customers who have shown excellent organization skills when using our self-storage units. Unlike those customers who rush in and dump their possessions in a disorderly fashion, these customers meticulously make use of all the space the self-storage unit offers, in the same way, it should be done in a garage.

Often a garage is a place most convenient place to put stuff that’s not being used. Over time the garage becomes so full that it’s difficult to get out of the car when it is being parked. Eventually, a garage cleanout or and reorganization is required.

The first basic rule of a garage should be to have nothing on the floor. This not only makes cleaning easy, but it also forces the user to put things away in designated places.

Here are some useful ideas for better storage arrangement in a garage.

Top Storage Ideas for Your Garage

A garage gets messy quickly when it is disorganized. Random things get stored and forgotten. It may even attract pests and vermin. So, when reorganizing your garage, it’s imperative that you start with a good cleanout. Be ruthless about it too, because you will be creating storage space for things that you are going to use in the future. This means that an old appliance waiting for repair should either be repaired or be disposed of.

Arrange all your like implements and tools together, maybe lay them out on the floor so you can visualize how they will be arranged for storage.

Overhead Storage rack

The installation of an overhead rack in your garage will give you an amazing amount of extra space. By attaching the arms of the rack to the joists of the roofing, you can give yourself at least 90 cubic feet of space per overhead rack. This will make use of previously “dead” space in your garage. Ensure that the overhead rack is high enough so that even a tall person will not hit their head on the rack.

The overhead rack is a good place to store travel suitcases and seasonal items that are only used at a specific time. A good overhead rack can hold up to 600 lbs. while the space offered is up to 40 inches deep.

Storage for small consumables

Screws nails and other steel items are best kept together in an orderly fashion in their own compartments. A cabinet with drawers to house everything is best when mounted on a wall in your garage, possibly over or near your workbench. A cabinet the size of 20x 6 x 15 inches is capable of housing all your small consumables in separate drawers. All the small things that you want to store and use occasionally are then found easily in one spot. These include your hobby stuff, like fishing tackle, or any crafts like beads or sewing accessories.

By labeling the drawers it’s easy to locate the contents. Best buy drawers with a finger grip opening mechanism to open the drawers easily.

Wall hanger for rakes, brooms, and other tools

Garden implements typically stand on floors and tend to be scattered all over the place. These, like brooms and other cleaning equipment, are most visibly organized when hung on the wall. The hanger that is best for this purpose is one with slots that accommodate the neck of the implements in a grip so that they hang above the floor. Spring-loaded rubber grips work well and are robust enough to carry the weight of heavy implements like spades.

The good thing about these wall hangers is that they mount easily, and their design is pleasant on the eye.

Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer

Every garage should have a metal pegboard tool organizer. They are panels that are lightweight and can be installed quickly against an available wall space. By putting the pegboard in an accessible spot, you can see all your tools briefly, and notice if something is missing too! The beauty of a pegboard is that hooks, shelves, and brackets can be slotted into the holes, providing a versatile storage method.

A lot can be hung on a pegboard. It’s a must for your garage.


You always need a workstation to do your work in a garage. If space is tight, then get a fold-up one or a mobile workstation with casters on the legs. Workstations also come with drawers and storage compartments for the bits and pieces you need to store.

So, whether you are doing DIY, bigger construction projects, or simply some household maintenance, you need a workstation.

Even though this isn’t primarily a place for storage you can incorporate shelving or drawers into a workstation for yourself. It’s important that you have one of these as when you want to do some DIY projects, home improvement jobs or painting, even commercial construction work, use it to cut wood or repair a broken item from the house from time to time, it will make your work much easier.

 Self – Storage backup

In the process of reorganizing and cleaning up you may realize that there are goods like seasonal sporting equipment, a boat, or items that have been stored in the garage that are seldom used, but still, have value to you (like that washing machine you are keeping for your grown-up offspring). In this case, pop them into self-storage where they can be stored safely.

At Stop & Store Lowestoft you have a wide range of storage size options available to you. 

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