Storage units are becoming an acceptable solution to many of our storage problems. A while ago we would pile our belongings into our garage or an attic where more often than not, it was a case of out of sight, out of mind, as most of us eventually had no idea what was stored in these spaces. We avoided these areas, and eventually when they were overflowing and impossible to access, we would have a massive spring clean and get rid of stuff. With the use of storage units, however, we can keep order in our lives, storing our excess belongings in a safe, secure facility.

Most people find this decluttering of areas in our homes difficult, as we all have a bit of a hoarder in us. Our homes have that room, attic, shed, or cupboard that is used as a junk room. But getting rid of this clutter will make our lives easier – we will be able to find things more easily as we won’t spend our time hunting for an item which eventually makes us run late for work or school, adding to the stress of the early morning rush. It will also be easier to keep our homes clean if we do not have stuff everywhere. So, decluttering your home may help destress your life, and we could all do with a little less stress.

Begin by Decluttering

Decluttering is not easy so don’t set yourself the impossible task of completing an entire house in a weekend, for example. Rather take a few weeks to clear out the clutter by following some simple steps.

  • Start with a small area, whether it is a chest of drawers or a corner of a room. This will not prove overwhelming and once you have successfully tackled it, it will hopefully act as motivation to carry on.
  • Create three piles for your items: Keep, Donate, Chuck. Work through your belongings and place them in the relevant piles. Take the two last ones to your favourite charity shop as soon as you can so that you are not tempted to change your mind.

When is Self Storage Useful

There is no motivation like a move to a new house or apartment to get tidying. This is the perfect time to hire a storage unit to pack your excess furniture and belongings into, especially if you are downsizing.

  • When you sell your house you want to get the highest possible price you can. One way of achieving this is to present your house in the best possible way. So instead of rooms with too much furniture, clutter on every surface, and your kitchen looking overcrowded with belongings, rather pack away your personal stuff and excess furniture and take it to a self storage facility. Buyers will be much more attracted to a clean, tidy, uncluttered home and this will show in the price they are prepared to pay for your house.
  • When you decide to redecorate or renovate your home, instead of working around your furniture and hoping that nothing gets wrecked or damaged by careless tradesmen and covered in dust and paint, rather pack your precious belongings away into a storage unit. The beauty of our self storage at Stop & Store Lowestoft is that you can hire a unit for even a month if that is all the time you need, but you can easily extend it if necessary.
  • If you lose a partner through death or divorce, this can often mean you need to downsize your home or even relocate. Instead of getting rid of your belongings in a hurry, rather take your time before making any hasty decisions which you may regret later, by putting them into storage.

One of the advantages of hiring a storage unit a Stop & Store Lowestoft is the ease with which our system works. We realise that when you need storage space you do not want to jump through complicated hoops to rent one. The entire process of hiring a unit can be done online from your phone or laptop. Once we have received your payment, we send you your individual PIN code which allows you to access your unit immediately. There is no waiting, and with minimal personal contact. But if you need any advice on size of unit, or anything else, we are available to assist you.

Hire Secure Storage at Stop & Store Lowestoft

  • When you find you are running out of storage space for your belongings at home or your office consider hiring a storage unit at our facility at Stop & Store Lowestoft.
  • Our storage units come in different sizes from 12sq ft to 200sq ft, so there is sure to be a size to suit you. Check our handy space calculator to work out which size unit will suit you best.
  • Our policy is to be as flexible as we can for the benefit of our customers. Hire a unit for only a month or for as long as you wish. Upsize or downsize with no hassle. No deposit is required and there is no long-term lease to sign when you hire one of our storage units.
  • We have many years’ experience in the self storage business. Read some of our customers’ reviews posted on our website.
  • Our location near the railways station in Lowestoft means we are easily accessible to the town centre. You can load and unload your goods easily.
  • Our hours of operation are 8am to 6pm, seven days a week. These long access hours are for your convenience.
  • Our security features include a monitored CCTV as well as intruder alarms so you can rest assured that your goods are safe from being stolen.
  • The units themselves are lockable steel partitioned rooms which are clean and dry.
  • Our state-of-the-art, fully automated operation system is easy to use. Enquire, book, and pay. Once we have received your payment, we send you your PIN code which is unique to you. Our procedures are simple and efficient.

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