Whether you are running your business from home or an office, when you find yourself being overwhelmed by the amount of merchandise or stock that you are holding, it is time to consider all your options for storing your excess stock.

Hiring space in a warehouse is a traditional storage solution and one of the options that you could consider. You would be required to sign a long-term lease, pay a hefty deposit equal to a month’s rental or even more, and be charged extra for utilities. Once you have signed a lease it cannot be changed, ended early, downsized, or upsized, which makes a lease contract very inflexible. These costs all add to your overheads and have an impact on the price of doing business and ultimately your bottom line.

Now is the time to consider the option of using a self-storage facility. Stop & Store Lowestoft offers all types of businesses a flexible solution to their storage problems. Our storage units are a cost effective, secure, and convenient option to keep your merchandise, documents, and paperwork, or even office furniture safely and for as long as you need.

What Sort of Commercial Customers making use of Self-Storage?

  • There are many professional companies that are required by law to store official documents for up to six years. Businesses such as building surveyors, solicitors and accountants are among those required to archive their paperwork. Instead of taking up expensive office space, a self-storage unit is a safe, cost-effective option to keep these documents.
  • Any businesses that need to store merchandise and excess stock can save money by choosing a self-storage unit over a commercial property. The per sq ft rental cost is less, and you also save on insurance and utilities costs.
  • More and more businesses are selling on Amazon and eBay and a self-storage unit can be used as a distribution centre to receive, store, pick, and pack the items to send to customers. Because self-storage is a cost-effective alternative to retail or office space, it makes commercial sense to operate from such a unit. Some units will accept deliveries on your behalf, making it even more convenient.
  • National appliance maintenance companies need secure storage space to keep spare parts and any specialised tools. This serves as a base that enables machine and appliance engineers’ easy access to spares and tools needed for their repairing businesses.
  • Self-storage units are suitable for photographers and printing companies to store their stock in units easily accessible to where their retail outlet is and know that their spare stocks are in a secure, clean environment. These can also apply to other small business owners such as clothing stores, hair salons, wine shops, or any business that needs affordable extra storage space.
  • Service providers such as decorators, painters, garden service providers, plumbers, electricians or other tradies that work from a van can use a self-storage unit as a base to operate from. Their tools and working materials are stored securely while allowing access at all hours and at weekends. Because they only need pack the tools needed for a particular job without carrying around everything, they can streamline their operation and may even be able to use a smaller cheaper van.
  • If you sell at markets or have a pop-up store you will need secure, accessible storage for your merchandise. Self-storage will work as it is affordable, secure, and accessible over the weekends. Look for a unit that is situated facing outside a building to make packing and unpacking your stock easier for you.
  • Businesses such as clothing wholesalers who run a seasonal business need a clean, dry secure place to keep their collections before sending them out to retailers. A self-storage unit is ideal for seasonal businesses because when there is no stock you can give up the unit and hire it back when the new season’s stock arrives.

Benefits of Using Stop & Store Lowestoft

Our self-storage facility is centrally located at 29a Roman road, Lowestoft NR32 2DG close to the town centre, near the Lowestoft railway station. We offer both internal and external units making for easy access to load and unload your goods.

  • Our operating system is focused on making the customer experience as simple and efficient as possible, from the time of your initial enquiry, to your reservation and move. Once you have reserved your unit, we email you your access code and you are good to go.
  • No contract is required, and you can shut your storage unit with just fourteen days’ notice. If you join during the month, you pay a pro rate for the remainder of that month. You can lease one of our units from one month to as long as you need.
  • Our self-storage units do not require a deposit. This is another benefit of using our self-storage units which differ from traditional warehousing where you have to put down a hefty deposit which may affect your cash flow.
  • Our individual units vary in size up to 200 sq ft, so whatever you need to store, we have the correct size for you. If you find you need more space, or if you need to downsize your unit, we offer the flexibility of making the swop with no penalties.
  • Our units which are clean and dry, are modern, lockable, steel partitioned rooms.
  • Our units are affordable and we run special offers on units so please check on our website https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/lowestoft/ for our latest offers.
  • Our storage units have state-of-the-art security systems, monitored CCTV and intruder alarms, so you can rest assured that your goods are safe.
  • You have an access pin number to the units which allows you admittance from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.
  • We offer cost effective storage for private residents as well as businesses and students in Lowestoft and the surrounding areas of Oulton, Hopton On Sea and Kessingland.

Please contact us at Lowestoft 01502 580005 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.