Life is not free and easy for university or college students these days. The routines and the way of life normally associated with university life have been ruined for now, with social distancing and normal interactions with friends being strained. With the university life-changing, the buzz of the dorm has gone quiet, and students have had to seek alternates such as moving back home for now.

To try and keep to the learning timetable, adaptations and sacrifices are having to be made about living arrangements especially. These are temporary arrangements and students generally would like to get their freedom back and carry on with their lives they started when leaving home to go to University.

A strong mindset will help cope with these short-term changes, and with some simple guidelines, we are able to help students cope with the changes.

At Stop & Store Lowestoft we have helped students overcome difficulties in this period and have some useful tips to share on ways to overcome some of the obstacles that may jeopardize the freedom and independence of students while they continue their studies under these abnormal circumstances.

Your University Dorm, What Now? Student Storage

For a lot of students moving out of the home has meant newfound freedom. Living in a dorm or an apartment has given them a view of what life is like in the big wide world. They have had to acquire some furniture and appliances of their own, and they have their own key to the door.

There was never any thought when moving out that they would perhaps move back home one day.

In the event of having to pack up, students are faced with a number of important issues, which we will discuss here.

Firstly, the dorm or apartment would have to be packed up and vacated. This would entail having to deal with the contents of your accommodation unit. You certainly can’t take it back home. So best pack the loose things into boxes, label them and simply put them into self-storage.

By doing this, for a very reasonable cost, you have guaranteed the security of your possessions.

At Stop & Store Lowestoft we offer customers a well thought out variety of storage unit sizes. They start at 12 sq feet and increase in size up to 200 sq feet. So, you can choose the exact size you need to store your goods. Using a storage unit is very handy, and it means that your possessions can be stored near to your College and are easily accessible when you need them.

To accurately determine the size of self-storage, you will simply need to use the space calculator at to help you hire the size you need. The space calculator will tell you exactly how much you can fit into each size unit.

Should you have a lease to deal with, it is an idea to discuss your circumstances with the landlord of your apartment to get permission to sublease or cancel the lease in these abnormal times.

  • The best way to deal with furniture and other contents is to take them apart to make them easy to handle. By marking what goes where when you do so, you will make it easy for yourself when you put everything together again. The same applies to appliances and their electrical components which should be marked according to the appliance they match up to.
  • You will need to let those who would want to contact you that you are moving back home temporarily and disconnect your electricity to get your deposit back.
  • Lastly, before inspection, go through the unit with a fine tooth-comb and repair any cracks, holes, broken tiles, or glass and give the place a thorough clean. Again, this is most important to get your deposit back.

Moving back Home: Some Key Pointers

The fact that circumstances have meant that students must move back home for a while is a tough one. Gone will be the fun days at university and all the social events that go with student life.

It won’t be that easy to move back home, not only for yourself but also for your parents. However, to make life easier, here are a few tips.

  • Make your own dedicated study space. This should be somewhere that you can be private (not in the lounge or shared with others) so that you can focus on your work. Share your timetable with others so they know when you will be working. By establishing a routine, you are sure to be efficient and get the work done.
  • Remembering that money is always an issue, be sure to discuss financial matters and contribute to those you and your parents are happy with. They themselves are used to balancing their own budget and be aware that you may be an extra burden to them if you don’t pay your way.
  • Don’t lose your friends, even if it’s Zoom chats or a catch up at a coffee shop. Best not bring them home too much.
  • Stay in touch with your friends but be sure not to impose them onto your parents, rather meet offsite and have virtual meetings with them.
  • Cleaning routines will have been established in the house, so fit in with them and do your part.

Living at home will be a give and take. While you are there, best bringing your part with sharing the daily chores. These include doing some cooking, washing of clothes and dishes.

All you want to strive for is a happy home and a good working environment to complete your studies.

You will also have peace of mind knowing that your possessions are secure in the student storage units, while you are dealing with this unusual situation.

The advantage of using Stop & Store Lowestoft for student storage is the good location and ease of access to your unit that we offer you. You can store for a short period of a month up to as long as you need.

The units are secure, free of moisture and pests a perfect place for the storage of your possessions while you are in this interim phase of your life.

There is no binding contract to tie you down. You can hire the self-storage space you require and even up or downgrade unit size as you need as part of the student storage unit.

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