As online enquiries surge in the face of changing trends, self-storage companies are in an ideal position to accommodate small business start-ups or businesses that are thinking of downsizing or relocating. While you can’t run your business from a self-storage unit, it’s an ideal space to accommodate your stock and co-ordinate your distribution.

Have you thought about renting a self storage unit to accommodate your online distribution requirements?

While you may be operating your online business from home, the stock you must store is probably clogging up your garage or spare room.

There are many advantages of taking a self-storage unit for your small business over the traditional building for a business. Stop & Store Lowestoft has expanded their range of offerings in space options and continues to offer great “specials” for would be renters.

Let’s unpack why it’s a great idea and could save you tons of cash!

Re-look at your business overheads

The upswing in smaller spaces has been noticeable recently. Even landlords that previously ignored smaller clients have relooked at their workspace configurations by dividing larger areas into smaller ones.

In this era of uncertainly, signing a long lease will probably keep business owners awake at night with worry about the long term. Many businesses are re-looking at their overheads, reviewing their current leases and start-ups are very reticent to sign any long term commitment, as they don’t know how long they will survive.

To minimize your risk, the beauty of self storage is that:

  • the contracts are month to month
  • they are purely for storage purposes.
  • No deposits are required.
  • The payment is on the 1st of each month.
  • You will get a prorate for the first month.
  • Two weeks’ notice before the end of the month is required

Benefits of Self Storage for Your Online Business.

Working from home has become a way of life. It’s now widely accepted, and the use of Zoom and other communication software is commonplace. The success of an online business is the infrastructure you have in place, your marketing, and offerings. Keeping your business model simple and efficient is key to your success.

  • As the sole key holder to your unit you will have access 24/7. We also give you a pin code to access the premises.
  • The premises are monitored by CCTV to ensure the safety of your unit
  • Units vary from 12 sq. ft to 200 sq. ft, giving you great flexibility of choice
  • You can upgrade or downgrade your unit size according to seasonal demand.
  • Great position, with easy access for deliveries of incoming stock or collections of finished orders.

At Stop & Store Lowestoft we cater for your every need and understand that an integral part of your business is the distribution of orders to your customers. You will want to ensure a quick turnaround time, safe and dry storage of goods, a pleasant environment to work in, and efficient collection and delivery to your customers.

In this way you will enhance the image and reputation of your business.

Look for Great Deals

When looking around for space to lease for distribution and safe storage of stock, you will undoubtedly have spoken to some landlords who are offering space near you. They will be hungry for business and likely to have a lot of options on their books. You may be drawn into rental options lower than advertised, and deals on yearly increases that may be lower than inflation.

Don’t get drawn in before you have considered self-storage. Simply put, self-storage is a safer deal and will be cheaper for you.

No Security Deposit

Why tie up your money unnecessarily? With traditional business premises landlords require a deposit, which could be a month or two’s rental equivalent, of even a letter of credit. You may also be asked to sign a personal guarantee.

With self-storage, there is none of that. No security deposit is required. This is a huge advantage to you, which frees up cash flow for marketing your online business. You pay each month, and if you move in during the month, Stop & Store Lowestoft will charge you just for the days you occupy on a prorate basis.

Under current economic conditions this is a perfect solution.

Read the Fine Print

Self-storage contracts are simple and transparent. This is a huge advantage.

Unlike the complicated nature of building leases filled with lots of legal jargon containing escalation clauses, personal liabilities, termination clauses, electrical and water connections, and other elements that you may have to be wary of.

You won’t need an attorney to look at your self-storage contract. Not only that but you want your life just to be simple and secure.

If you decide its not for you, two weeks’ notice is required, so you have minimal risk!

And you won’t have that feeling that your landlord is out to get you if you do something wrong. Stop & Store Lowestoft makes it easy for you and you will find the service friendly and professional, designed to make your storage requirements as easy as possible.

Choose Your Landlord with Care

Stop & Store is conveniently located in Lowestoft near the railway station and has been around for many years. It’s an established and reliable business.

If you look at the traditional business premises to lease, be aware of looking carefully at your prospective landlord. Property owners have taken a beating from the downturn in real estate and may have been be tempted to restructure their loan commitments or are facing some sort of crisis. Do research on the business owner, do a credit check, as he will be holding your deposit and your personal guarantee.

On the other hand, why not keep it straightforward and have the security of knowing that your property lease with self-storage is safe, and you are not exposed?

Final Thoughts

There is no better time to take up a self-storage deal. Your showroom can look professional, as a lock-up and go. You can spend a few hours packing your orders, dress the unit up into a fine-looking showroom where customers can view by appointment, and your courier can collect at arranged times to distribute your orders.

Look at the deals offered by Stop & Store Lowestoft, you can even start small and grow into a bigger unit as your business builds.