When thinking of self storage you may consider it the perfect answer for people moving house, needing more space at home, or even extra space for the storage of seasonal items. But self storage is not only for homeowners as there are huge benefits for businesses that need extra storage space, especially those businesses that are home-based.

Running a business from home is not easy. One of the main issues is separating work from family life. If your business requires you to keep stock or inventory, these will soon begin to overrun home space. When you are expecting a large delivery of stock the question is: where will you keep it? Before you know your home is overrun with these items which have to be kept safely until they are dispatched to your customers. How do the rest of your family feel about this when they need to navigate through boxes of stock? This is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to run a business from home.

You may need to meet clients and impress them! A cluttered office space at home is not going to achieve this. There are very few home offices that are spacious enough for this purpose which is why the stock and inventory need to be kept off-site.

Where are you keeping your documents, tax records, and spare computer and office equipment? There is also your spare inventory and stock to consider.

If your business is growing, the garage, attic, or spare room may no longer be the right place to store your extra materials. So where to now?

An affordable solution is to rent a self storage unit in a facility near your home.

Benefits of Using Self Storage for Your Business

  1. Save your business money. Instead of renting extra commercial space such as warehouse space or extra retail space, a self storage unit will save you money. There are no long-term lease commitments, no deposits to be paid, and no rates or utility bills. It is easy to upsize or downsize to a different unit if your needs change, so the flexibility suits many small businesses.
  2. Your goods will be more secure. A self storage facility such as Stop & Store Lowestoft offers advanced security systems to ensure that your goods are safe at all times. You can leave your valuable stock items, tools, and documents in your unit and be confident that they will be safer than having them lying around your home.
  3. Create more space. Extra stock and inventory, boxes of files, and extra office equipment can clutter up your home office. Storing these materials in your self storage unit will free up valuable office space.
  4. Accessibility. Don’t be concerned that you will not have easy access to your stored goods. Self storage facilities, such as ours, are located in easily accessible parts of town with long office hours, which makes it easy for you to access your goods when it is convenient for you.
  5. Provides countrywide storage. If you own a franchise or have a business that has multiple branches in other regions a self storage unit can be used as a stock holding location. Your technicians or field staff can access the stock or materials where and when they need to. The high levels of security will keep this stock safe, and access is restricted to certain personnel.

The Types of Small Businesses That Typically Make Use of Self Storage

  • Retail Businesses
    Owning a retail store comes with the problem of where to keep your inventory. A change of seasons means extra inventory that needs to be put somewhere. There are also those promotional items and decorations that are used once or twice a year because they are used for specific events. Keeping these excess items off-site is the cost-effective solution to a lack of space problem.
  • On-line Stores
    If you have an e-commerce business you need a place to store stock before it is shipped out to your clients. A self storage unit is the perfect place to keep your products and packaging. You can be assured that these will be safe and secure until you are ready to deal with them.
  • A Stall at a Market
    If you sell your products at a craft market you are used to packing up and loading goods. A self storage unit is the perfect place to keep your merchandise safely instead of finding a place for it at home, or even leaving it in your car.
  • Any Home-based Business
    Anyone who runs a home-based business, especially one that involves inventory, tools, or any kind of materials will soon run into the problem of where to store it all. Many of these items are expensive to replace, so they need to be stored somewhere with good security, as well as being easily accessible in terms of location. A storage unit will provide the extra space needed to keep everything organized but still close to home.

The Benefits of Using Stop & Store Lowestoft for Your Home-based Business

We take the fact that as a business owner, entrusting your assets or belongings to someone you do not know is a big step. Therefore we take our responsibility seriously, and that is why security is our top priority. Our self storage facility is fully secured with 24/7 monitored CCTV and intruder alarms.

Access to our facility is strictly monitored so anyone with no business being there is kept out.

Once we have received your payment we send you your individual PIN code, and the unit is yours to access straight away.

We have a variety of different-sized units available, so there is certainly to be one that will suit your needs. Check on our website for any special offers pertaining to renting one of our units. Use our handy Space Calculator to assist you to choose the right sized unit depending on how much stuff you wish to store.

We have a trolley that you can make use of when moving your goods in or out and there is easy access to load and unload your goods.

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