You may wonder if there are any benefits to renting a self storage unit over a period of time. Or you may ask when it is better to use a self storage unit for short term storage vs long term storage. These are good questions, as on face value its important to be able to decide for yourself how long you are going to rent one for.

Our observation at Stop & Store Lowestoft is that clients in a lot of cases only have an estimate of the duration they want to rent. We make it easy for them, because our storage units are offered on a month-to-month basis, which does not require an immediate time commitment when taking the unit.

To a large extent this is a big advantage of self storage, and to encourage a long-term usage most often an incentive in the form of a discount is offered.

The reasons why people rent a storage unit are so diverse, which indicates that self storage is found to be a storage concept that provides a real service to communities. Also, these facilities are widespread compared with a few decades back when they were in their infancy.

So, storage units are an advantage to homeowners, students, and business for the benefits they provide. To help you decide whether you should rent short term or long term here are some of the typical situations that dictate which one to choose.

Short Term Storage Unit Rentals

When using the word short term storage, we typically think of a duration of up to two to three months. It will depend on the reason the renter is using the storage unit.

When relocating a home, or moving between homes, there are situations that involve your possessions and their safety. Being safe from damage and safe form pilfering are just two of the safety issues, but also, they could be in the way of what you are doing.

Let’s look at the scenario of wanting to sell your house and move elsewhere.

If some small remodeling needs to be done, it is likely for example that the furniture and appliances will need to be stored someplace to make space for the work to be done. While you are at it and are making the house ready to show, clear out all the mess that detracts from the clean sleek look of your home.

Placing these items in self storage will provide an immediate answer, and to give some maneuverability and breathing space to complete the two tasks.

Sort term self storage is also very handy when you feel you need a house cleanout and declutter. This occurs from time to time when the slow build up of possessions in your home starts reducing the working space. A one-off house clearance and move to self storage will do wonders for the look of the house and provide valuable working space that would normally be taken up by rarely used things in the house.

When moving takes place why not consider placing the household contents in self storage while you take a long hard look at the accommodation options elsewhere. Renting before buying is often a good policy as it gives you time to find your perfect establishment rather than buy in a hurry.

Another common use of a short-term self storage unit is to store seasonal or recreational equipment. The space it all takes up and the damage that can occur to the equipment when lying about is what can be solved at the minimal cost of affordable self storage. Even a small boat, a quad bike and fishing gear fit perfectly in a storage unit, while there is enough left-over space for any other miscellaneous items that you may need to store.

Long Term Storage Rentals

If you are thinking about a long holiday and are worried about the safety of all your possessions, self storage gives you the freedom you need to leave them all in a safe place. Self storage units are commonly used to secure items when the owner is away for extended periods overseas. It’s a simple matter of getting them picked up by a professional hauler and returned when you are back from your travels.

The same goes when you retire and downsize your home. You are sure to have too much stuff to fit into the smaller place. Yet, with so many years of history, your accumulated possessions will be extremely hard to get rid of.

Don’t be hard on yourself: store them until you decide what to do with them. Give the kids a chance to make space for the furniture that could have been in the family for many years. It is sure to find a lovely home somewhere. After all, it has so many memories attached to it.

The good thing about self storage is the size of the units and the safety they offer. So much so that expensive equipment like a car, motorcycle or wine collection are safe in one. In addition, many are thermally insulated to keep the temperatures at ambient, and the inside is dry, thereby preventing any mould or damp affecting the contents of the unit.

Consider Renting at Stop & Store Lowestoft

We have seen that a self storage unit offers a lot of versatility when it comes to self storage. It can be used for an entire range of purposes.

Being centrally situated in the heart of Lowestoft, the self storage units can be effortlessly reached when goods need to be stored. The flexibility our range of unit sizes we offer also gives you, the customer a variety of space/pricing options.

Once you have chosen the appropriate storage unit apply online and you can get access as soon as you have paid. Use the individual PIN code we supply to access the unit you are renting. With no deposit payable, or waiting period, we make this process as simple and quick as we can.

Whether you are a domestic or business rental, the safety of your goods while in our care is our responsibility, and we monitor our storage facility using the best security systems we could find.

With our long trading hours, you must access the contents of your unit from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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