Have you ever wondered why self storage is so popular? More and more people are placing some or all of their belongings in a self storage unit to assist them during those times when extra space is needed.

Self storage can provide the perfect solution to the problem of where to keep your stuff in many of life’s situations that you may find yourself in.

Here are some of the most common reasons that our customers mention when they bring their belongings into our facility for storage.

  1. Self Storage while Moving Home

    This is the main reason why many of our clients need storage. Moving is a very stressful experience that can be made much worse if there is any disruption to your moving schedule. There are so many factors that can go wrong during a move that it makes sense to have a contingency plan.

    Very often, it is impossible to move from your old home to your new one in a single day.

    Or you may need to wait a few weeks before you can take occupation of your new home.

    You may wish to begin packing up your belongings a few weeks ahead of the big move, and you need a place to keep these boxes.

    In any of these instances renting a self storage unit at a trusted facility such as Stop & Store Lowestoft will assist making your move a better experience.

  2. Self Storage while Renovating Your Home

    Are you planning a home renovation? This means that there is likely to be a lot of dust and other mess which can cause damage to your precious belongings. Home renovations often take longer than expected, and depending on the extent of the renovations, you may not even be able to live in your home during the construction process. Bear in mind that most contractors would prefer not to have to work around your furniture, so leaving them with the space to operate freely will mean that they can get on with the job unimpeded.

  3. Self Storage while Travelling Abroad

    You may have a work assignment abroad and need to pack up your apartment before you leave. Or you may be taking a sabbatical and going to see the world before settling down. You will need somewhere safe to keep your belongings while you are away. If you intend to rent out your home while you are away, a self storage unit is the ideal place to keep those precious items that you don’t want to be used while you are away. Storing your belongings in a secure facility will give you peace of mind while you are away to relax and enjoy the experience rather than being worried about whether your belongings are safe.

  4. Self Storage after the Death of a Family Member

    This is a difficult time for everyone involved. Many matters need attending to, including managing their belongings. It is not easy to throw any of these belongings out. Besides, an estate can take a few months to sort out. A self storage unit can be used to store any items until they are claimed by heirs, donated to a worthy cause, or put up for sale.

  5. Self Storage for Storing Seasonal Items

    Whether you have seasonal clothing to store, or even those Christmas decorations that are needed for a few weeks of the year, there is always the problem of where to keep them at home. So instead of cluttering up your cupboards at home, hiring a self storage unit for their safe storage is the answer. They remain easily accessible and will free up space at home.

    This is also a way to take care of seasonal furniture such as patio furniture, swings, and other items that you may not need until summer comes around again. These are bulky items that will take up too much space somewhere in your house, so storing them off-site is a way to solve this storage problem.

  6. Expecting an Addition to Your Family?

    Welcoming a new baby to your family is exciting! However, there are a few adjustments you will need to make before the baby comes home. Babies need so many things, many of which are bulky. Think of the cot, the changing table, the closet for all their clothes, a chair for nursing, and space to keep toys and books. You may need to clear out a room to make space for these items. Keeping these spare items in a storage unit will help with freeing up some space.

    When the little one is finished with the baby stuff you can place these items in your storage unit to keep them for when you need them again. Baby items are expensive, so it is worth hanging onto them for future additions to your family.

  7. Self Storage as Solution to Too Much Clutter

    Many of us just have too much stuff. When you decide to declutter, consider hiring a storage unit for those items that are just impossible to throw out, whether for sentimental reasons, or they may belong to someone else, and you are tasked with looking after them. You will be amazed at how tidy your home will look with a bit of judicious decluttering!

How Stop & Store Lowestoft Can Help Solve Your Storage Problems

Utilizing a self storage unit at our facility will solve most of your storage problems.

  • Your possessions will be in safe hands. Our security systems are amongst the best that are available, including monitored CCTV.
  • We have many different-sized units to choose from so there will be one perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you need to store the entire contents of a 3 bedroomed home or just a few documents, there is something to suit you. Check out the handy Space Calculator on our website to help you find the perfect-sized unit.
  • Once you have signed the paperwork and we have received your payment, you will get your unique PIN access code and you can start using your unit.
  • Please check our customer reviews on our website.

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