Once you have decided on using a self storage unit, the next important decision to be made is what sized unit to choose. Whether you’re downsizing, moving, decluttering, or needing temporary storage for your belongings, choosing the right size self storage unit is crucial. Selecting a unit that is too small might lead to cramped conditions and damaged belongings while opting for one that is too large could be a waste of money.

Choosing the right size storage unit need not be difficult. To help you make the correct decision we have put together some tips for choosing the right size self storage unit.

How to Choose the Right Size Self Storage Unit

  1. Why do You Need a Self Storage Unit in the First Place?

    Do you need temporary storage during a move or a home renovation? Do you need long-term storage for your belongings? Are you expanding your business, and do you need extra storage for your inventory? Do you intend to rotate items in and out of your unit?You don’t want to outgrow your storage unit in a matter of months and then have the hassle of moving everything again into a larger space. But you also don’t want a unit that is too large as this can prove costly.

    Here is a helpful tip for you to consider: If your business is expanding and you plan on storing your business inventory, rent a larger unit than you’ll need at first. However, if you only need to store your belongings temporarily during a move, pick a size that will accommodate them now, as the amount of stuff to be stored will not change.

  2. Take an Inventory of Your Belongings

    The first step when considering a self-storage unit is to make a comprehensive inventory of all the items you intend to store. Do you have large pieces of furniture and appliances to store? Get rough measurements of your furniture items. Knowing these dimensions will prevent you from underestimating the amount of space they require in a storage unit.

    Make a rough estimate of how many moving boxes you’ll be storing. This process will allow you to judge the volume of your belongings which will help you estimate the space required for storage.

  3. If you’re Unsure, Rather go Choose One Size Bigger

    If you have mapped out how much space you need but realize that the unit will be filled to the brim, rather go with the larger option. When packing boxes in your unit it is recommended that you avoid stacking more than four high. Boxes that fall from this height may injure someone busy in the unit and also could damage your belongings. Furniture items should only be packed in two pieces on top of each other.

  4. Are You Storing Fragile Items such as Antique Furniture?

    These frail items may need extra space and special packaging. They certainly cannot have other items packed on top of them. You will need to take this into account when estimating the size of the storage unit you need.

  5. Consider Your Future Storage Needs

    If you anticipate any changes to your storage needs choose a larger unit that will give you the flexibility to accommodate your extra items without having to switch units. These extra items could include seasonal items such as camping equipment, outside furniture, and even garden tools at the end of the summer.

  6. Think About Accessibility

    Consider how frequently you’ll need to access your stored items. If you plan to retrieve belongings frequently, ensure you have enough space in the unit to move around and access items easily. This will also affect how you pack your unit. If you need frequent access, leave a passage down the middle of the unit so that you can reach the stuff at the back. If you don’t need access at all, you can pack the unit tightly from top to bottom, front to back.

  7. Make Use of Vertical Space in the Self Storage Unit

    Remember that storage units have vertical space as well. Place temporary shelving down the sides and use stackable containers to make the most of the height of the unit.

  8. Avoid Overpacking for the Self Storage Unit

    Resist the temptation to pack your unit to the brim without any space to move around or access your belongings. Overpacking can lead to damage and make retrieval difficult. But if you intend to leave your goods in storage without needing to access them then by all means, pack them in!

  9. Label and Organise Your Boxes

    Properly label and organise your boxes when packing to make it easier to find specific items when you need them. This will save you time and effort during the retrieval process.

  10. Safety and Accessibility of the Self Storage Unit

    Ensure that the storage facility is well-lit, secure, and equipped with surveillance cameras. Your belongings should be easily accessible to you but protected from potential theft or damage.

  11. Seek Advice from the Storage Facility Staff in Choosing the Right Size Unit

    Don’t hesitate to seek advice from the staff at the storage facility. They are knowledgeable and experienced in helping customers find the right-sized unit for their specific needs.

  12. Utilize Online Storage Calculators for Choosing the Right Size Unit

    Many self storage facilities offer online storage calculators on their websites. Once you have an idea of the amount of inventory you need to store, enter your information, and these calculators will estimate the appropriate unit size you need.

  13. Read Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

    Look for reviews or ask for recommendations from friends and family who have used self-storage facilities. First-hand experience can offer valuable insight into the quality of service and the suitability of unit sizes.

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