If you intend retiring soon or you have retired already, the relief of suddenly being released from the daily grind is sure to be a pleasure.

However, retirees often find themselves with too much on their plates, which often results in a shortage of time to do everything they want to do on a particular day. They begin to think “hang on, I am supposed to be taking it easy!”

Many “busy” retirees will tell you that the secret to an enjoyable retirement is being organized: keeping an events calendar and having commitments that you enjoy, with some good quality spare time in between them. Given that you may have 20 or more years ahead of you when you retire, you would certainly want to make the most of them.

That means getting your life into a pattern that you would like, and not being at the behest of others or being reliant on them either. So, let’s have a look at some tips for retirees in the know:

Having Time for Yourself

As mentioned, this is your time now, to enjoy with your better half, be at home, to travel, and to do all those things you said you were going to do when you retire. As cash flow is always a consideration, sometimes your plans are determined by this factor, while health may also be something that could disturb your plans going into your elder years. We look at some of these issues and discuss how you could tailor your life accordingly after your retirement.

What you commit to

It’s your time now to relax by changing your routine and being at home a whole lot more may mean that you will end up at the beck and call of others. Be careful! This can lead to being taken for granted at a rate faster than you know it! Soon you’ll be the Uber to school for your grandchildren (even though you love them to bits), your time could soon become theirs!

As much as you may love your daughter and her children to bits, unless you stick up for yourself, she may be thinking she’s doing you a favor by having the grand-kids around all the time. (She may even think you have nothing to do!) Soon you will resent the fact that your time is being impinged upon!

Set a routine that helps you both by broaching the subject before it becomes a problem. This way it’ll work for you and you will look forward to their visits, because you are expecting them, and you have willingly set aside the time to do so.

Keep Mind and Body Healthy

It is natural that a few aches and pains will start to creep in: it’s part of getting older. But there are many things you can do to keep them away or minimize their effect on your lifestyle after your retirement. Let’s have a look at them.


First and foremost is daily exercise. Whatever it may be try and do something every day. Walking is the easiest form of exercise that you can do, and if you meet up with others, you get some socialization as well. In between try a formal class like yoga or gym for oldies, but whatever it is, make it one of your priorities, for your health’s sake.


The adage that you should always have a trip in the bag to look forward to is a true one. Whether it’s a visit to your daughter or son somewhere, a holiday destination, or even a weekend break, make it your business to have something exciting up ahead. It also is good to get out of your environment as travel always is a good refresher in life.

Find a new interest

Don’t worry about those that say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! Finding a new interest opens up a whole new world. This could be a hobby or playing bridge for the first time. Who knows if you are single… Ok, we will leave that up to you!

Blogging or writing a book

What’s this about? Well, don’t forget that you have many years of experience and knowledge that others don’t have. You may have retired from a long and interesting career that people may be interested in. Now is a good time to get it down in ink. Do a little at a time, you will be surprised how much you will enjoy recording your memoirs. After all, it’s all in your head, but nobody but you know about it!

Get a pet

This could be a big ask because it’s a commitment, but getting a pet brings a lot of joy to one’s life. You may not have had the time to commit to a pet when you were working, so now would be appropriate to share your life with a furry friend.

Find a Supplementary Income Stream

Having some cash coming in during retirement is always a bonus. There are a few passive ways to do this.

Rent out a room

You could be in a property that’s too big for you. Kids have left home, it’s full of all your worldly possessions. Declutter, put unused stuff into self-storage, and make some space to rent out. There are always people looking for accommodation. This is an amazingly easy and handy way of having some extra income coming in during your retirement.

Consulting or writing

We spoke about your experience and knowledge. Make some money out of it by doing some consulting work, reconnecting with the industry as and when you feel like it. Or join an online platform that calls for your experience where you write proposals or articles for money. This is a good way to keep your brain occupied. You’d be amazed at how easy it is!

These are some practical ways to enjoy your retirement. If we can assist you to live in an environment that is refreshing and uncluttered when you want to simply make space or downsize, give us a call. Stop & Store has a range of storage units for 12sq feet to 200 sq feet for you to keep unused items in storage until you decide what to do with them.

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