Behind every successful business lies the organised storage of paperwork and documents amongst many other factors. When you consider that almost every task and administration that your business carries out has some paperwork linked to it, this can add up to loads of documents over the years. The digital side of your records is easy enough to store on computer drives and on the cloud but dealing with bulky paperwork is another matter. These records need to be stored in an organised manner and can take over much of your office space.

Considering the positives of using a self storage facility such as Stop & Store Lowestoft for the storage of your paperwork and documents will soon make you realise that using such a facility can be of great benefit to your business. If your business is one that has the legal requirement of keeping these documents for up to five years or longer, using a self storage facility makes even more sense.

Protecting Your Paperwork – What to Consider

Securing information is a primary concern for all businesses. But it involves more than taking cyber security seriously. The safety of  physical records and paperwork belonging both to the business and to customers and clients also needs to be taken into account when considering storage.

  1. Security of your physical documents is an essential part of what you would require from a self storage facility. So look out for the following factors:
    • controlled access to the facility
    • the unit itself must be secure with only the people you select able to access it.
    • CCTV cameras to track who enters the space

    It is vital that you are aware of when the space is entered and by who. Obviously, the more people who have access, the more difficult it is to ensure that your documents are safe.

  2. Keeping track of these documents once they are stored is important. This paperwork can include your customers’ medical, financial, legal, and other sensitive particulars so it is important that these confidential details are not compromised in any way. A tracking programme or at the very least, a spreadsheet, will catalogue what is being stored, and for how long, and when it should be destroyed.
  3. It is important to ensure any documents that are stored are kept in good condition. A clean, dry environment is imperative to preserve these documents. Make sure that the self storage facility is pest free as any moths, vermin, or beetles can be the end of any paperwork.
  4. Backup physical documents where possible so that if by any chance their quality is compromised, you have a digital copy. This is important as you need to safeguard your business’ as well as your customers’ details.

How to Store Documents in a Self Storage Facility

Storing your company’s records at your business premises can be a risk. Vital records may get damaged, stolen, or lost. Not every business has the extra storage space to keep this paperwork in an organised manner and considering some of these documents need to be kept for a long time in case they are needed for an official audit sometime in the future, it is worth considering storing them off site. A self storage unit can provide the secure environment needed to protect any sensitive records against all these risks.

  • Decide which documents you need to store. Once you have a cut off point of which ones you do not need access to regularly, you will get some idea of the volume of paperwork that needs to be stored.
  • Businesses need safe storage for documents. Knowing which documents need to be archived and which need to be kept on hand is just as important.
  • Scan documents so that you have a digital record of them all. This may be impossible if you have reams of them, so the method of storage when archiving older documents comes into play.
  • Pack these documents into files, folders, and boxes. Choose the boxes carefully as some boxes will keep your paperwork better than others. Choose stackable plastic bins to keep moisture and pests out of your papers. These will make the most of your storage space.
  • Create spreadsheets to keep track of where you have packed everything. Label each box in detail so that when you need to find a document you know exactly where to look.

What Are the Benefits of Off-Site Storage for Your Documents?

If you do not already have the office space to allow you to store documents, then making use of a self storage facility may be the solution to your storage problems. It is more cost-effective than hiring expensive extra office space, and much better for productivity if your employees do not have to work in a cluttered environment.

It is a way of freeing up office space while at the same time keeping your documents secure and out of the way.

Why use Stop & Store Lowestoft for Your Paperwork Storage?

Stop & Store Lowestoft provide the answer to your archiving needs as many of our customers will testify. Our experience in the industry we have been involved in for over twenty years means that we are acutely aware of what our customers require from us.

  • Our units are well lit, and our facility is protected by CCTV cameras that are monitored 24/7, as well as intruder alarms. You have exclusive access to your unit, so you can rest assured that your documents are safe from theft.
  • We realise that some customers do not wish to hire extra office space. So by using our self storage facility there are no contracts or leases to be signed.
  • Our operating system is fully automated and simple. You can enquire, book, and pay online 24/7. We will send you your PIN which will give you immediate access to your unit.
  • We also run specials and discounts on some of our units, so please enquire about these too.
  • Our hours are 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week which gives you ample time to access your unit.
  • Please contact us on 01502 580005