If you have ever tried to hire a storage unit and the storage facility has told you that all the units are occupied, don’t feel you the only one to have gone through this experience. It’s entirely due to the phenomenal rise in popularity of storage units not only here in the UK, but around the world.

Storage units offer an uncomplicated, immediate solution to people who need storage right away. In fact, booking a storage unit is so easy and simple the whole process can be done the same day. This is great when you need storage in a hurry.

For many people it’s a storage solution that they find most affordable and superbly convenient. They can book a unit online, pay and move their goods in a short time. Its not like any traditional way of renting space where there is a daunting lease involved.

Storage units can be booked on a month-to-month basis. No frill, no fuss. Just plain safe storage when you need it. No wonder storage units are so popular!

Stop & Store Lowestoft serve many types of customer, who hire our storage units for different reasons. We have examined the reasons for needing a storage unit and looked at the circumstances that have motivated our customers to store with us.

You’d be interested to know that almost half the people use a storage unit because they are moving, while the rest store for a variety of different reasons.

Let’s examine what they are.

What are The Circumstances for a Storage Unit to be Needed?

Relocating or having to pack up a household of possessions is a disruptive occasion, not enjoyed by those having to go through the experience.

It could be a home, business, flat, or student accommodation, whatever the event and the place, it involves packing and unpacking later.

Reasons for Moving

Moving is not necessarily about relocation. You may be showing your house and wish to remove all the clutter and unsightly stuff by putting them in a storage unit while you do so.

Alternately you may find yourself between rentals that don’t overlap, and you need to store your goods for a while. A storage unit is an inexpensive solution to your problem.

Another group using storage units is those traveling. They choose a storage unit for the safety of their possessions while they are away.

Downsizers who experience a space crunch find a storage unit perfect for their needs when they choose to keep certain of their possessions instead of disposing of them.

You are Running a Business and Need Space

Stop & Store Lowestoft is favoured by many businesses who need a storage unit to keep their inventory secure and accessible for distribution or use.  It’s a cheap storage solution and advantageous in that no onerous lease needs to be signed to secure the space required.

Storage units are particularly liked by contractors and service agents with expensive tools that they need to keep safe.  Art and antique dealers find it a suitable environment to store paintings and valuable pieces as well.

A Loved One Passes Away

When a loved one dies there are many upsetting things to do. One of these is to sort through and make arrangements for the possessions that have been left behind. As the wrap up process takes time and the possessions are vulnerable to theft or going missing, a storage unit gives one some breathing space while you sort matters out.

Helping a Student

Students looking for a place to store their stuff when they take their summer break find the convenience a storage unit offers an answer to their short-term needs.

It’s also a help when having to move back home temporarily, eliminating the need to move everything back to the parents’ house. As storage units are frequently located near to campuses, this is an inexpensive process that will suit a student’s pocket.

You Are Working from Home

Clearing space for a decent home office requires moving or selling existing furniture and other items that are in the way of making your office fully functional.

As the trend of working from seems to have become permanent for many people it is worth doing the home office properly. This means establishing a permanent home office in a place which was more than likely previously a spare room or creating a space which is cluttered with household items.

Best plan is to store excess items in a storage unit to make space for your home office.

Finding Space for a Boat or Car

A storage unit is a good place to store expensive items like a car or a boat. They also provide perfect protection against the harshness of the outdoor weather.

Besides ensuring that these valuable assets are looked after, their safety is also assured. Besides all of this, by removing them from their current position, a whole lot of extra space is created.

When You are Fixing Up Your Home

When doing renovations self storage units are often used to store the contents of a house that are vulnerable to getting damaged during the renovation. Because of the short-term nature of renting a storage unit, renovators can use the storage unit for as long as they need and fetch everything again when the project is complete.

How to Arrange a Storage Unit?

We at Stop & Store Lowestoft have storage units from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft in size. No matter what size your load is, we will have a storage unit suited to your needs. Simply look at our space calculator to help you choose which size is appropriate for your load. Together with the safety storage units offer, the fact that you are not committed to long-term leases is an advantage which helps you exit at a time convenient to yourself.

The units are monitored by CCTV, free of pests and provide a moisture free environment for all types of goods.

Storage units give you freedom to make space for yourself. Should you wish to upgrade or downgrade your sized unit, just ask us and we will assist.

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