Using a self storage facility enables you to keep those belongings that do not fit into your house, apartment, or work place and have the confidence that they will be kept safe until you need them again. So self storage is an affordable, convenient solution to any storage problem you may be facing. It allows you to keep your possessions and assets safely, instead of selling them or getting rid of them in some other way.

Self storage can solve a wide range of your storage problems whether you are a business owner, a homeowner or occupy a rental. In fact, most storage problems you encounter can be solved by renting a storage room at a facility such as Stop & Store Lowestoft. Our facility offers a choice of unit sizes, as well as payment options, and top security features, so that you can be sure your belongings will be safe while they are entrusted in our care.

Reasons for Making Use of a Self Storage Facility

1. For homeowners

These are the main reasons that we find our clients state when they need to hire a storage unit. They often state the following life changing events when making use of our self storage facility:

  • Moving to a new address

    Relocation is one of the main reasons why our customers need to make use of a self storage unit. Whether their new home is down the road or across the country, using a self storage unit for your houseful of belongings can bridge the gap between selling your home, packing up and moving to your new address.

  • Change in personal circumstances

    Whether there is a death in the family, the end of a relationship, or a growing family through moving in with a partner or having a baby, these situations can lead to a change in your living conditions and the requirements you have in terms of space needed. You may need to downsize, add a room, or store duplicate items of furniture that you do not wish to get rid of permanently. You will find that hiring a self storage room is an easy way of overcoming the issues of having too many possessions and nowhere to keep them!

  • Renovating or redecorating

    Carrying out renovations on your home is a stressful time for everyone. Your furniture and other belongings can get damaged in the process while your home is busy with contractors and builders. Therefore using the option of keeping these items in a self storage unit for the duration of the build is something we find many of our customers opt to do. It is very difficult to try and keep your belongings undamaged during this time, so don’t even take the chance. Hire a storage room in our facility to make sure that your goods will be safely out of the way during your renovations.

2. Business owners

Need to deal with many matters, financial and otherwise, that can cause pressure, but lack of storage space needn’t be one of these. Whether it is needing to keep records safe, or space to store inventory, these can be stressful situations for any entrepreneur. Our commercial customers have realised that renting a storage unit can solve these problems.

  • Storage for extra stock and inventory

    Retail business owners do not have to hire expensive warehouse space or extra retail space when they have to find storage space for extra stock. A self storage unit is the perfect solution to this conundrum, and it is not always necessary to relocate to larger, more expensive premises when you can just store these goods for as long as you need to in one of our storage rooms.

  • Professionals need storage for official documents

    Certain professions such as solicitors and accountants are legally required to store documents for a specific amount of time. This is not always possible for a small business with limited space. Hiring extra office space is expensive. But hiring a small self storage unit is a more cost effective solution to your storage problem. The documents stored will be secure, even though they are offsite, and they can be kept there for as long as needed.

  • Equipment and tool storage for contractors

    A self storage room or unit is a solution for contractors to keep their equipment, parts, and tools safely. After all, not everyone has space at home to park their work vehicles and besides, it is putting their expensive equipment at risk of theft if it is not kept in a secure environment.

  • Secure storage for online businesses

    Online businesses are a growing market and the problem for them is to find a secure place to keep their products, and a place to pack them up for distribution. A secure self storage facility offers the convenience of receiving, packing, and dispatching goods without the hassle of trying to find the space in your home for parcels and packaging materials.

How Stop & Store Lowestoft can Assist Homeowners and Professionals

As a homeowner, if any changes in your life have left you wondering what to do with your possessions, or with goods that you need for your professional occupation, then we are certain that our self storage facility can help you!

  • Use our online booking system to rent a unit, pay for it, and finalise all paperwork via email. Once we have received your payment, we send you your PIN and you can start moving your stuff in immediately.
  • We offer a wide range of unit sizes, so whether you have a few boxes of belongings, or a roomful of furniture there will be a unit to suit you.
  • Whether you only need the storage for a few weeks or for much longer we can accommodate you. There are no deposits to be paid.
  • Our units are clean, and you can be assured that your goods will be safe. A word of advice is to check that anything you place in storage is clean and dry to avoid any buildup of mould and mildew.
  • One of the most important considerations when choosing a self storage facility is that your goods must be safe from theft. Our facility has 24 hour CCTV monitored surveillance, as well as secure perimeter fencing. Our hours are from 8am to 8pm for your convenience.
  • Please check the customer reviews on our website.
  • We have a team of storage experts at hand to assist you with any queries you may have.

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