Whether you are a one-man show and work out of your home or you run your business from outside the home, renting a business storage unit is something that you may have considered at some stage. Most businesses that show growth will eventually need some extra space, whether for storing inventory and stock, or making space to add extra workstations for additional staff.

  1. Many of us have been running our businesses from home during Covid-19. You are most likely still working from home, first of all out of necessity where you may have had to set up a home office in a hurry after your work life was curtailed due to Covid restrictions. You may have started out using a dining room table as a work station, but as the time went on you probably converted a spare room into a home office. The problem is where to store all the extra stuff. Your home may have been completely overtaken by your business, and now it is time to get back to the office. Renting a storage unit before you move could make this move easier. Instead of hiring a large office space which is expensive, it is possible to lease a smaller office and hire a business storage unit to keep your stock, inventory, tools, or anything that makes your work function. Self storage will ease the burden on your pocket. Added to this, at Stop & Store Lowestoft there are no long leases to sign or expensive deposits to be laid down, so it offers a very flexible option.
  2. If your business is a retail one you are sure to have excess packaging and supplies of point of sale material such as large banners that advertise sales, Christmas specials, and other important holiday events and promotions that you run in store from time to time. Your sales merchandise and window displays are expensive to design and print and can easily get damaged or torn if they are not stored correctly. A storage unit will enable you to keep these items stored correctly.
  3. If you own a retail clothing store, you will no doubt have seasonal collections and end of range items that need to be kept somewhere. In most shopping centres the storage area attached to the stores is small and may be inadequate to keep these goods. A business storage unit that is situated close by can be the perfect solution to this problem. You can keep your excess stock safely and at the same time have it nearby and easily accessible in case you need it. Using a self storage facility works out cheaper than hiring extra retail storage space (if there is any even available) or warehouse space, so it can work out as a winning option for your business.
  4. A storage unit offers off-site storage for those documents and records that need to be kept for varying lengths of time. Some businesses such as accounting and legal firms are required by law to keep documentation for a few years. Even though most records are stored electronically, there are still physical documents such as tax returns and financial reports that need storing. Instead of filling up your valuable office space with documents and files, consider hiring a storage unit where you can store these safely for as long as you need to. They are easily accessible at any time without cluttering up your work space.
  5. Many online businesses have been started over the last few years during the pandemic, and one of the problems is where to keep stock and pack up orders for collection. A self storage unit could be the solution to where to keep your stock. Have your office at home but use the self storage facility as a place where you can receive your stock,  pack up your orders, and dispatch them too. Look for a storage facility that will accept deliveries for you so that you do not have to physically be there all the time. A huge advantage is that a facility such as Stop & Store Lowestoft offers state of the art security, so you need not live in fear that your goods are in any danger of being stolen.

Why Should Your Business Hire a Unit at Stop & Store Lowestoft?

Don’t let the process of choosing a storage facility for your business become stressful. There are some important matters that you need to keep in mind when you are considering whether to choose a self storage facility. Here are some of them.

  • How Secure is Your Facility?

    We realise that this is one of the most important considerations when deciding on a facility. We can help you with secure storage. Our facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV 24/7 and other sophisticated security measures. You can be sure that your goods will be safe from theft. Our facility is well-lit and protected with secure fencing.

  • Is the Booking System Complicated and Outdated?

    Our booking system is easy for you to use. It is entirely online whereby you book and pay anytime of the day or night. Once we have received your payment we send you your individual PIN and you gain immediate access to our facility.

  • Are You Tied to a Contract?

    No, and you don’t have to pay a deposit either. You do not pay extra for services. There is no notice period and if you move in the middle of the month you pay a pro rate.

  • Are There Any Extra Benefits?

To make moving in and out easier for you we have trolleys on site to move your heavy items. Our units are easily accessible for convenient loading and unloading.

Check our website for any specials we may be running.

Our storage units are clean and dry so you can be confident that your goods will still be in good condition when you fetch them.

We have packaging materials and stackable containers that you can get from us.

We have a wide variety of storage unit sizes, so you are sure to find the right size to suit you.

Please have a look on our website for real customer reviews which will help you make up your mind.

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