Its time to feel enthusiastic about life again! With the many changes that have happened in our lives, the resilience of our human nature is such that we can get up and dust ourselves off and reinvent ourselves very easily.

Sometimes it just takes a little enthusiasm and energy.

Along with your new year’s resolutions will be one that involves a little bit more “ME” time. Taking more time for yourself is a great idea.

This means doing something for yourself, and not necessarily related to making money out of the new activity.

Do Something Crafty

Remember it’s doing something that you are going to enjoy, that you can build on as you go, and carry on doing it for years to come. We say it should be a craft, and that there should be some skill involved. Perhaps take a course while you are doing it, just to ensure that you upskill yourself along the way.

Fix up Something at Home

Add something to your home that you can DIY. Just a small job that you can say you did all by yourself. It may be a cupboard for your tools in the garage, fixing up the garden shed, adding an extension to your home office that makes your work easier, or simply fixing up a garage to rent out.

Build a Classic Car

Finding an old car that is 50 or more years old to fix up is a bit of a gamble. Make sure it has an engine to start. This will save you a heap of hassles later down the line. If you are DIY mechanic, get going on the engine first after all this is potentially the most expensive part.

Set your budget and don’t overspend. Find a place like a self- storage unit to build it and allocate a certain amount of time in the day to your project. In the end it’s an extremely rewarding hobby, where you can recreate a car of days gone by, and it runs!


This is a great recreational hobby. You can either make items from wood, like furniture, or you can restore old wooden art made from wood. Either way, it’s a highly creative and relaxing hobby. You will need some space for your raw materials and equipment. That’s why a self-storage unit is a good option. You can simply lock up and go and not worry about you work in progress until the next time.

If you like hiking and skiing,

Go Outdoors

Ramp up your outdoor activities by investing in some proper equipment. This could include doing more hiking or skiing but spending time in nature is a sure way to get good exercise and its good for the mind and soul.

If fishing is what you like, getting a boat is an excellent option. You catch far more on a boat than being limited to a place on the shore. Adding a fish finder is a sure way to make your fishing worthwhile. Many boat owners choose a self-storage unit to keep their boat secure and out of the way.


Easing your way into the art of photography normally starts when people graduate from simple mobile picture takers or when they find a specific subject interest. Getting into photography needs you to find a suitable camera, possibly attend a workshop or two, getting to know about subjects like lighting, and off you go.

It’s an extremely rewarding hobby, where you can post your photographs for others to see, and even enter competitions to help you gauge your progress.

Flower arranging

Often started by someone who has flowers in their garden, those that turn floristry or flower arranging into a hobby end up turning it into a business. Either way it’s not an expensive hobby to start and requires some skill and a knowledge of flowers. You can learn a lot on You tube, or attend classes, or even volunteer at your local florist.

Flower arranging is a very therapeutic hobby, and most people that do it are found to be creative in their arrangements, and very dedicated to flower arranging.

Lastly, Find Someone to Do It With

Often people with hobbies find like minded people to share ideas and successes with along the way. As a collective people join clubs for people that share the same interests. Do so, it’ll encourage you to grow and share.

Sharing your hobby enhances the joy for you and others. Through interaction with others you will find mental stimulation, and it will also help you destress.

Hobbies generally help promote a healthier lifestyle. By engrossing yourself in your hobby for a few hours you take yourself away from the daily grind and find yourself a better person for it!

Final Thoughts

Often one of the obstacles to starting a new hobby is the space required to do it. You may want to do woodwork, but the garage is already full. Keeping outdoor equipment secure and out of the way in a house is difficult, as it is expensive and could get broken and besides, it all takes up space.

Self-storage gives you a lot of freedom to pursue a hobby of your choice, and often the quiet time that you are looking for can be found here for you to work uninterrupted.

While storing the equipment you require for your hobby may seem logical at home, often hobbyists require space to operate. It’s also such a cost-effective solution to finding additional space for your hobby.

We at Stop & Store Lowestoft provide the perfect solution for those requiring space for a hobby. Give us a call to discuss any questions that you may have if you intend using a self-storage unit to hold your hobby stock.

The great advantage of our units is that they are safe, secure, dry, and pest controlled making them ideal for this purpose.

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