Luckily moving home is not something that is undertaken too often as most of us find it a very stressful experience. There is so much to do before the actual moving day. To achieve a successful move requires planning and attention to the small details. Using a self storage unit at a facility such as Stop & Store Lowestoft when you need to keep your belongings safely either short term or long term can assist you during this time.

What are the reasons for moving home?

  • Most first time buyers start on the property ladder with a small home that they soon outgrow when they start a family. So running out of space and upsizing to a larger house is one of the main reason why people need to move.
  • As someone starts to move up the corporate ladder they may wish to upgrade their property to a larger home in a more fashionable area. Homes situated in the districts that give access to better schools are also very desirable so moving to a new home in a new area before the children start school is a big reason for moving home.
  • A new job often means that it is necessary to move to a new area as it may be unfeasible to travel from your present home to your new place of employment.
  • A change in your relationship status probably means moving in with your partner. If you both have your own separate houses, chances are one of them will have to be sold so that you can consolidate. If you are moving into a completely different house this will mean that both of you may need to sell your houses you owned prior to the decision.
    On the other hand, if your relationship is breaking up this can result in moving house as your changing financial position may mean that you can no longer support a big family home. You are considering downsizing as there is now a need for two homes instead of one.
  • If you feel the need for a fresh start in a new location, you may be considering a relocation from the city to a more peaceful countryside location or vice versa, and is another reason why we move homes.
  • Downsizing is another reason why people move. A change in your income brought on by retirement or other reasons could mean moving to an area where the running costs of a home are lower

As can be seen from the above, moving house is often the result of changes in your lifestyle. It is important that such a great change in your life results in improved circumstances and peace of mind.

How to get the best price for your home

  1. This is the aim of any homeowner for obvious reasons. So it is worth carrying out the basic repairs and the touching up of paintwork where it is needed. Tidy up the garden and get rid of any garden rubble lying around. If your property is in poor condition it may not qualify for a bank mortgage which will discourage most home buyers.
  2. Sort through any clutter that may have accumulated in your home over the years. Put any extra furniture or belongings you do not wish to get rid of into self storage while you sell your home. An uncluttered home gives a very good first impression which according to the professional estate agents, is vital if you wish to sell for top dollar.
  3. Consider staging your home to enable the prospective buyer to visualize it as their future home. Estate agents consider the following rooms to be the most important for buyers, so concentrate on these:
    • The living/sitting room
    • The master bedroom
    • The kitchen
  4. If you are unsure as to how to go about staging, your real estate agent will be able to advise you. If you need to clear out your belongings from these rooms, consider storing them in a self storage unit until you have sold your house.
  5. Research the type of buyer most likely to be interested in buying your house. If it is your first home you will most probably attract first time home buyers who would prefer a house that is ready to move into, with no work to be done. If your home is the older type and you are downsizing, it may attract a buyer who wants to carry out some renovations and upgrades of their own.

How to organize a successful move with children

If you are moving to a house close by, take your children to visit the new house and to explore the garden. Check out the surrounding parks, playgrounds, and shops to familiarize them with their new area. If that is not possible, try and give them a video tour of the house.

Ask family and friends for help so that you can have assistance on move day and also the days and weeks preceding the big day when you need time to pack.

Prepare a box for them for moving day filled with their special toys, snacks, and drinks to keep them occupied while you get their rooms ready.

Unpacking takes days (if not longer) so accept that you will not have your new home looking ship shape on the first day! As long as the kids have access to their favourite toys and are able to watch their TV shows they will be happy.

Stop & Store Self Storage Lowestoft

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